How To Build An Early Warning System

September 24, 2018 Amity Team

In the battle against churn, not early always means late. The thing is, there’s only so much a Customer Success Manager can manually do to proactively prevent a customer from approaching dangerous territory. Adopting a standardized early warning system is an essential step in implementing customer health to identify risk and opportunity at scale. Curious about how to build such a system? Learn how to:

• Manage your entire customer base with a consistent health scoring system and ongoing health check-ins

• Oversee high-touch and low-touch portfolios with an automated monitoring system

• Drive consistency and gain visibility into the performance of your Customer Success team at scale

• Become more proactive with a data-driven approach to retention and expansion


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Amity Team

Amity provides the world's most powerful Customer Success software. Amity, senses changes in customer health or rhythms, recommends the right actions and measures effectiveness. The combination of real-time playbooks, intelligence and automation helps customer success organizations scale quickly and efficiently.

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