How to Measure and Influence Product Adoption to Achieve Customer Success

February 28, 2018 Amity Team
For most CSMs, adoption is the lifecycle stage that comes between onboarding and renewal, but it’s also a process, an action, a metric. Adoption is a critical step to Customer Success, but there’s a lot of uncertainty around what it means exactly, and how to make sense of it. In this webinar, we discussed: • The key metrics to evaluate customer adoption • How to monitor adoption • Proactive measures CSMs can implement to influence adoption • Reactive action points to course correct a rocky adoption • The connection between adoption and Customer Success

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Amity Team

Amity provides the world's most powerful Customer Success software. Amity, senses changes in customer health or rhythms, recommends the right actions and measures effectiveness. The combination of real-time playbooks, intelligence and automation helps customer success organizations scale quickly and efficiently.

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