The Pursuit of Customer Happiness: customer success managers nail it

July 23, 2015 Jodi Schechter

The Pursuit of Customer Happiness: customer success managers nail it

Did you know that there is a Customer Happiness Index?

HubSpot was the first company to develop a Customer Happiness Index (CHI) as a way to score how effectively customers are using their software. Kudos to Jonah Lopin, former VP of Customer Success at HubSpot, for this brilliant idea. Hey, who doesn’t want to know if their customers are happy?

We can all take a lesson from HubSpot. Using the Customer Happiness Index, they empowered their Customer Success Management (CSM) team to measure specific customer activities that would result in their customers’ desired outcomes – like lead generation and increased traffic. Not only were the Customer Success Managers able to connect those dots for their customers (making them very happy), what they found was that the customers with the highest CHI scores were also most likely to renew their HubSpot subscriptions!

Here at Amity, what HubSpot made measurable through their Customer Happiness Index, we have always known to be true. In fact, it is our approach to doing business.

We exist to help our customers make their customers happy.

And with that, we salute all Customer Success practitioners whose sole purpose it is to generate happiness amongst their SaaS customers. Here’s just a small sample of what these dedicated CSM folks do every day:


C ut churn rates

U nderstand the entire customer life cycle

S implify SaaS adoption

T rack logins and usage for every licensee

O nboard new clients with high-touch support

M igrate clients from early-stage adoption to ongoing, high-value usage

E scalate key issues for at-risk customers

R etention and value building


S trengthen client references

U p-sell and cross-sell

C onvert more customer trials

C ommit to strong customer advocacy

E xpand use cases

S ubscription renewal monitoring in advance of expirations

S cale activity to meet customer needs


The Pursuit of Customer Happiness: #CustomerSuccess managers nail it
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