4 New Year’s Resolutions every Customer Success Manager should make

January 6, 2014 Pam McBride

Customer Success Manager

It’s the sixth day of 2014, and the start of a brand new year signals New Year’s resolution time! Typically, resolutions are personal in nature, a goal to lose weight, eat healthier or exercise more. Most practitioners will often make professional New Year’s resolutions and use them as a guide and a reminder of how to do things better or different from last year. So here are 4 New Year’s resolutions for 2014 that every Customer Success Manager (or team) should make:

  1. Start a daily stand-up: If you aren’t already doing this with key stakeholders in your organization, invite an individual from each department who is either customer-facing or has a vested interest in your product – think sales, marketing, support, product management and development – to attend a 10-minute information sharing session. You’re the lead and the topic is about customers – stay focused.
  2. Create more conversations: Engage with your customers more proactively and more often.  The information you collect will help your entire organization – so have more frequent conversations with your colleagues too. You have insights that will be valuable to product management, development, marketing, support, finance and others – essentially you will become the “customer nerve centre”.
  3. Define the ideal customer experience: Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – you’ve heard that before but really try it. From that perspective, what does the ideal customer experience look like for your customers? Pretty good I bet! So then share it with the entire team and between all of the team members you’ll eventually go from the ideal to the ultimate customer experience.
  4. Grow yourself: Although customer success is still in its infancy, there is a vast amount of information to consume. Perhaps you’ve been doing customer success long enough to be considered a veteran – so why not start your own blog and share your experiences and successes with others. Attend meetups, conferences and events to network with other professionals and help grow the industry as a whole, along with yourself.

As a customer success manager, what is your New Year’s resolution?

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