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HIGHLIGHTS SITUATION Nulogy, with customers from various disci- plines with differing skill sets, needed a system for their Technical Account Management team to track all customer facing activity so they no longer missed engagement opportunities with customers. SOLUTION Amity gives Nulogy a single pane of glass for every customer and the engagement insights and tracking capability to ensure long-term success of their so ware and its users. IMPACT Having an integrated system in Amity created an efficient work environment for the TAM team and revealed opportunities to mature their customer success processes to scale with the growth of the company while keeping existing customers loyal. "As a TAM, not only do I have all the information about my accounts, I have a tool that I rely on everyday to prioritize my time and maintain focus on important customer issues and high-value tasks." Maheen Memon Technical Account Manager Building Trust and Success with Customer Success Plans Nulogy builds its brand credibility, not only on the ground- breaking technology itself, but also by ensuring its customers have exceptional experiences with it. To help with this, the company began introducing Customer Success Plans for each new customer. Inputs into the success plan framework were based on insights from the history of customer engagement information found in Amity. The customer success plan enables TAMs to work collaboratively with each customer to outline their goals and objectives, and to measure them by identifying and tracking engagement opportunities that align with customer outcomes. This puts everyone on the same page with the same level of expectations for customer success. "Amity was able to provide a system that consolidated all of our relevant customer data. It was easy to use and fit our budget and needs. By implementing task and issue management, we were able to uncover insights that will help grow our business today, and by continuing to leverage customer data in Amity, we are discovering even more opportunities that our company can capitalize on." - Leo Leung, Director Technical Account Management Working with Amity Expanding Adoption and Increasing Customer Value With easy access to comprehensive customer profiles in Amity, Nulogy can now identify the critical insights for determining customer health scores. By highlighting those individuals who haven't been engaged with and/or subscrip- tions coming due, the TAM team can mitigate risk and take early action. Further insights into customer health will come from the activity tracking – capturing and monitoring usage of each customer – that Nulogy recently implemented. What started as a system of record for the TAM team has now grown into a platform that can assist the TAM team in expanding adoption of Nulogy's so ware and delivering customer value. About using Amity, Leo Leung, Director, Technical Account Management says, "Amity has been instrumental in helping Nulogy find a solution to organize all of our customer engage- ments and services, and in helping us mature as a Technical Account Management department to deliver business value." Leo plans to use the Portfolio Health Dashboard from Amity in his strategic customer review with the management team – he now has the right metrics for predictable growth. The Amity partnership starts the day a company decides to evaluate the Amity platform. Partnering with our customers enables us to create a collaborative relationship and establish an invaluable feedback loop. As Amity uses Amity to manage its own customer success process, we can observe how our customers use the platform and through self-discovery identify improvement opportunities. But it is through creating a regular two-way dialogue with our customers, that we uncover our biggest wins - features and functionality that our customers identify that will continue improving their delivery of customer success and business value. A rewarding win with Nulogy was designing the Portfolio Health Dashboard - a feature that is important to all Amity customers today. PRODUCT AND FEATURE INFORMATION Amity provides scalable engagement for Customer Success. Nulogy has integrated Zendesk, Salesforce and Gmail into Amity, and used the Radar, Plan, Portfolio, and Reports apps to track all customer facing activity, implement task and issue management and introduce their customer success plan initiative. Amity Nulogy closes the gaps with Customer Success

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