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Amity Nulogy closes the gaps with Customer Success Nulogy delivers customer success using comprehensive customer profiles to engage with the right customers at the right time, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their Technical Account Management team. Nulogy provides so ware and services that allow brands and their suppliers to bring personalized products to consumers more quickly, safely, and intelligently. In addition to its technology, superlative usability and user experience has always been an important part of Nulogy's success and growth strategy. Its technology solution connects and federates a matrix of organizations within the supply chain structure – brands, contract manufacturers and packagers, third-party logistics companies and retailers – so that they can better collaborate on, manage and react to the complexities of bringing personalized products to market. Solving the Toughest Supply Chain Problems with Technology The customer mix for Nulogy is quite diverse, as they span multiple industry verticals and geographies. It is critical for every customer to receive immediate value and an exceptional experience using Nulogy's so ware, regardless of their back- ground. That means the customer-facing teams at Nulogy need to have a pulse on every customer at all times. The team was juggling multiple applications to distill information about their customers and organize all of their customer service delivery, including trying to track every customer-facing engagement. Amongst the spreadsheets, planning and workspace tools, keeping customer data accurate and up-to-date was a big challenge. The team was missing engagement opportunities and inefficiencies were quickly surfacing. A er initially importing Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Product data using Amity's Salesforce integration, Nulogy began using Amity to further consolidate all relevant customer data, and ramped up their task and issue management initiative to track customer engagements. The integration continuously synchronized changes made in Salesforce and Tracking Customer Facing Activity Improves Team Efficiencies Nulogy's technology platform is leveraged by users from various backgrounds with differing skill sets, and to ensure they get maximum value from the technology, it's increasingly important to understand who they are and what makes them unique. In 2013, Nulogy began working with Amity to better organize and consolidate customer information to provide a system of record for their team of Technical Account Managers (TAMs). Although, Nulogy uses Salesforce for sales management, the TAM team was looking for an end-to-end customer success solution to better manage the post-sale customer lifecycle. They were looking for solution that was specifically built for SaaS customer success management. pushed them to Amity, providing Nulogy with a single-shared consistent view of the customer and eliminating double entry for the TAM team. Nulogy customized task types in Amity to conform to their process and for tracking purposes. These task types, along with a customized pre-defined list of topics, allow the TAM team to quickly identify the methods of engagement and the topics discussed most o en with customers. By syncing support tickets from their Zendesk help desk system with tasks and topics, and providing the history of phone, email, and meeting engagements, all from within Amity, Nulogy and the TAM team can easily determine sales opportunities and eliminate executive oversight caused by incomplete data. Once Nulogy had aced task and issue management, they expanded engagement capabilities by fully integrating their Gmail into Amity to capitalize on additional time-saving opportunities for the TAM team. With the Gmail integration, Nulogy has the most accurate and complete picture of customer engagements in a single source system of record.

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