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10 Quick Tactics To Reduce Churn

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10 Quick Tactics to Reduce Churn 5 Conclusion As we mentioned, churn is a reality for recurring revenue-based businesses but there are tactics that companies can adopt to quickly reduce churn. It is a matter of being focused and pro-active to keep customers happy from the time they start considering your product, when they purchase the product, and when they use the product. In many respects, churn happens because customers lose confidence in the value being delivered by your product. As a result, companies need to be engaged with customers, understand their needs and have insight into how the product is being used. This makes it easier to deliver value from the beginning of the relationship, identify problems and opportunities, keep your customers, and grow your customers. Want to learn more about how Amity can help you reduce churn? Send us an email to About Amity Amity's Customer Success and Lifecycle Automation platform is quick to implement and easy to use. It is the first platform to combine: 1. Customer Intelligence: understand exactly what's happening with every customer, right now. Eliminate the need to switch between multiple data sources. It's easy. 2. SmartPlaybooks™: react to customer insights in real time, enabling proactive action in an automated, scalable and repeatable way. 3. Team Collaboration: enables company-wide alignment, driving customer outcomes and coordinated action, while delivering extraordinary business results. You need to reduce churn and deliver aggressive growth. Amity enables your SaaS business to improve conversion rates, drive adoption and deliver the customer outcomes that increase upselling and renewals. For more information, visit

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