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0 3 / 0 3 A Simple Presentation Scenario What is your role in their onboarding process and how will you add value? 01 02 What features of our product will be most beneficial giving their workflow? 03 Anything else that would help the panel understand how you approach Customer Success and how you will nurture the customer relationships? "We just signed a very large and strategic customer. There is plenty of growth potential within this account so building a strong relationship out of the gate will be important. Customer Success owns the relationship after the sale has closed. We are responsible for onboarding, implementation, and ongoing relationship health. Provide a presentation as you would to our new customer with the following details" Set up a panel of about 5-7 individuals (small enough to not overwhelm the candidate too much, but big enough to see how they present under a tad bit of pressure). The presentation should be around 15 minutes and allow for an additional 15 minutes for questions. Each person that sits on the panel should ask questions as if they were the customer. Throw the candidate some curveballs and see how well they think on the fly. The 2nd and Final Rounds I N C O L L A B O R A T I O N W I T H M A R A N D A D Z I E K O N S K I

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