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How to Avoid Frustration in Your QBRs

December 7, 2017
Join leading Customer Success consultant, James Scott, as he goes back to basics and reveals the secrets to a successful QBR strategy, including tips on what to discuss and, more importantly, what not to discuss in this critical meeting. Many Customer Success Managers work under the assumption that setting aside a couple of hours once a quarter to meet with an important customer can only be a good thing. Think again. If done incorrectly, the Quarterly or Executive Business Review can end up wasting time, creating customer frustration and damaging this important relationship - exactly the opposite of what was intended. Get the slides here: http://customer-success.getamity.com/customer-success-resources/how-to-deliver-value-and-avoid-frustration-in-your-quarterly-business-reviews-2 Get more content from Amity here: http://customer-success.getamity.com/amity-blog
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