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5 Ways to Modernize Your NPS

December 7, 2017
This webinar goes beyond the basics to show you how to leverage NPS in a fresh way -- how to be innovative in who, when and how you ask the question “How likely are you to recommend …?” Today’s customers expect ongoing experiences of value, happiness, and success. It’s a tall order, and to achieve it, the fastest growing businesses are learning to anticipate, listen, and respond almost immediately to their needs. A modern Net Promoter Score program can really help you super-charge Customer Success. It is easier than you think to use this data in new ways and become a true Voice of the Customer champion. Get the slides here: http://customer-success.getamity.com/customer-success-resources/5-ways-to-modernize-your-net-promoter-program Get more Amity content here: http://customer-success.getamity.com/amity-blog
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