The Do's and Don'ts of QBRs

August 30, 2018 Asra Sarfraz

‘Quarterly Business Review’, is basically a formal meeting with a customer in which you review how things are going, try to address any open issues and formulate a forward plan, complete with actions. And while it sounds pretty straightforward and it, unfortunately, isn't always so. Read on to find out more about issues that might pop up in a typical unsuccessful QBR and tips on overcoming these issues. 


What started off with the best intentions ends up evolving into another thing on the CSM's plate and also leaves the customer feeling frustrated because they walked out without answers to the list of support questions and feature requests that they would've loved to see implemented.  

But not to worry, here’s what you CAN do in order to avoid the aforementioned fiasco. 

Done right, QBRs can be a great vehicle for delivering value and an incredibly powerful checkpoint during your customer’s overall journey to success. Here are some useful links to bookmark in order to better prepare yourself for future QBRs: 

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