How to Kick Things Off with Your Customers

July 24, 2017 Mathilde Augustin

SaaS Tattler 106 - How to Kick Things Off With Your Customers SaaS Tattler 106 - How to Kick Things Off with Your Customers

When things start right, they stay right. Onboarding is a huge component of Customer Success, but before you actually get to work you need to take ownership of the new account and launch the relationship towards success. Kicking off a new relationship takes work, from collaborating with Sales to preparing your first customer calls, here are some best practices to help you navigate your first few days with a new customer.

Sales to Customer Success Hand-Off Process

One of the most influential relationships Customer Success teams build is with the Sales folks. In order for post-sale owners to successfully launch a new account, it’s crucial that Sales and Customer Success extensively communicate and collaborate. In this post, Brooke Goodbary shares what elements are crucial to a successful sales hand-off.

Having a solid launch process in place is a key indicator of future success for your customers

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It Is Time to Eliminate Hand-Offs in B2B Customer Management

The concept of a hand-off ultimately means a shift of responsibility from one player to the other. What if we rethought the way we conceive of that process to improve the customer experience? Hank Barnes offers the concept of a “leadershift”, one in which the person or department leading the effort shifts, as opposed to passing on responsibility.

I think its time to eliminate the concept of hand-offs

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6 Essential Areas to Cover in a Customer Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff call is a defining moment in your customer relationship. It gives you the opportunity to get all of the information you’ll need to achieve a successful first 90 days with your customer. In this post, Jami Oetting lays out the 6 essential elements you should cover in every customer kickoff call.

Don’t be afraid to set expectations for the client

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The Required Post-Sales Process Checklist

A lot of companies focus on the “software” and under-invest on the “service” component - this is especially damaging during hand-offs and at onboarding. In this post, Ganesh Swami assembled a 4-steps checklist for customer-centric hand-offs.  

If a customer is not onboarded correctly, they are bound to cancel their contract

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The Best of Customer Success Today

Customers want to be trusted. After all, would you want to do business with a company that feels like they don’t trust you? Are we guilty of having a process or rules that send the message to the customer, “We don’t trust you.”? Do You Trust Your Customers? Do Your Customers Trust You? 

Companies today need to work harder. They don’t need to be the smartest or most talented. But they need to consistently jump out of bed ready to serve. Q&A With Customer Experience Futurist Blake Morgan. 

Silence from the customer was actually the scariest part of my job. That’s a warning sign – you can do as much as you can to get around it, like call or email them, but at the end of the day sometimes people just drop off and go silent. Customer Success: Why Is It So Important To Be Proactive?

Expansion MRR is an increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue created when existing paying customers upgrade or increase add-ons/extras. Neil Patel refers to it as the SaaS Holy Grail. Future Proofing: How To Model SaaS Pricing for Expansion MRR 


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