Empowering One Another - Marketing and Customer Success

March 27, 2017 Mathilde Augustin

SaaS Tattler Issue 102 - Empowering One Another - Marketing and Customer Success

SaaS Tattler Issues 102: Empowering One Another - Marketing and Customer Success

We often talk about Sales and Customer Success alignment, but there are endless opportunities for Marketing to work with Customer Success at different customer lifecycle stages. Learning from the extensive knowledge that Customer Success has of what an ideal customer looks like, Marketing can improve its messaging and targeting strategies to attract better customers. On the other hand, Customer Success can lean on the story-telling capabilities of Marketing to create content for customers, and to leverage customer success stories to its fullest. 

Together, Customer Success Teams and Customer Marketing Can Create a Better Customer Experience

According to the 2017 State of Customer Marketing Report, companies reporting moderate or high revenue from their customer marketing efforts are 45% more likely to report that their customers are satisfied. In this blog post, Chad Horenfeldt of Bluecore gives you a full rundown on how Customer Success and Marketing teams can work together. 

By agreeing on roles, you can drastically reduce confusion as well as increasing productivity.

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8 Tips For Creating a Great Case Study

Case studies are a great way to show new prospects that your product or services will make them successful. This blog post counts many useful tips for writing a case study that attracts your ideal customer, and a lot of it would not be possible without the help of the Customer Success team.

Instead of saying you "doubled" traffic, show real numbers and real proof.

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With some cross-departmental coordination between customer support/success teams, sales, and marketing, you can win the loyalty of your customers, turn them into brand advocates, and unlock a lucrative lead generation and revenue channel. Erica Lindberg of Kapost has 3 concrete strategies for doing so. 

Work closely together to ensure customers aren't receiving too many communications from various touch points.

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Sales and Customer Succes should work closely with Marketing when it comes to aligning messaging. Everything should tie together in the overarching content strategy created by your marketing department, a successful strategy requires everyone's participation in both planning and execution. 

Make sure everyone has access to the content that's being used to educate the customer.

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The Best of Customer Success Today

In my experience, some clients see requesting to cancel as a way to renegotiate the terms of your partnership. These folks like to be in a position of power and to put you and your team on the defensive. How to handle a customer's cancellation request by Brooke Goodbary

So, you bought an NPS system and then did…nothing…. Again, here I mention that it’s not about the score, it’s truly what you do with it. NPS is all about actionable data. 5 Reasons Why Net Promoter Programs Fail by Sarah Frazier

Instead of the standard, all-encompassing conference recap, I’ve decided to compile some do’s and don’ts that focus on a sweet spot for UserIQ and a key theme of the conference: customer success. 13 Do's and Don'ts of Customer Success from the SaaStr Experts by Nicole Wonjo

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