[Infographic] 5 Metrics For Pre-Product/Market Fit

April 26, 2018 Asra Sarfraz

While being in early stages of the product-market journey are extremely exciting; measuring and understanding where things are working can also be just as nerve-wracking. You need to be able to detect where you’re succeeding right from the very start and where they need to change.

It’s good to be in a beta because you can design the overall experience from the very beginning to push activation. However, once your software is in a later stage, you’re not going to be able to change anything due to legacy problems. But not to worry! Read our infographic for 5 metrics you should keep an eye on.



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Asra Sarfraz

Asra Sarfraz is currently the Digital Marketing Intern at Amity. When she is not consuming barrels of coffee, she is busy photographing and designing new projects.

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