Elizabeth MacAulay-Italiano

Elizabeth MacAulay-Italiano is the Managing Director and Founder of WnTD Partners. Her experience includes over a decade in the tech industry and nine years of experience in Customer Success. WnTD is a consultancy that helps organizations scale their customer success strategies and operations.

  • Is NPS a Useful Metric?

    Is NPS a Useful Metric?

    When NPS can have a real impact is when you understand the data beneath the score. If you put an NPS framework together that allows you to uncover the layers of useful data then...

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  • Customer Success Metrics

    Customer Success Metrics

    Tracking the proper metrics is essential in understanding how your business is performing. Having proper data, reports and a recurring cadence for analyzing these reports is necessary if you want to..

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  • Pillars of Customer Success

    Pillars of Customer Success

    A good starting point in evaluating your structure is understanding the customer journey that individuals embark on when working with your organization and understanding how they start using your..

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  • When Customer Success Becomes a Silo

    When Customer Success Becomes a Silo

    One of the most exciting aspects of developing customer success strategies is looking at how Customer Success is integrated with other areas of the organization. Unfortunately, CS often operates in...

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  • 5 Sales to Customer Success Handoff Tips

    5 Sales to Customer Success Handoff Tips

    The sales to customer success handoff is one of the most important intersections in the customer journey. It can make the difference between successful product adoption or a churn risk waiting to ha..

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