Workflow, Automation and Customer Insights to Create the First Closed-loop Customer Success Platform

June 16, 2014 Paul Philp

The benefit of building a customer success platform is that your own customer success team can use it – and we do.  And what we’ve discovered, and confirmed with our customers, is that taking action makes a difference in customer success. Customer insights alone don’t address the key question – Now What? But delivering the right service to the right customer at the right time does. It enables predictable delivery of customer success.  The action of customer success teams is defined by the workflow they follow. A good workflow is contextual, taking into account an integrated view of the customer based on all the data available. While customer insights and workflow are  a powerful combination, together they lack repeatability and scalability.  The third factor needed to deliver customer success from quarter to quarter is automation.  Automation of standard, repeatable process steps enables the customer success team to spend more time focusing on ways to create value for their customers.  The combination of insight + workflow + automation gives the customer success the power to deliver customer success AND business results predictably, repeatably and scalably.

This is the single pane of glass view that we are building towards and it is the product path that Amity has chosen. Why? Because it better maps into how customer success teams are structured and the ROI they are expected to deliver on. This is why we are focusing on the features that will best deliver on our approach.

In our last Product Update post we introduced you to new apps for portfolio and lifecycle management. And since that post, we just can’t stop making those apps more robust because the customer feedback has been incredible and incredibly positive.

The Portfolio App – Improved Dashboard!

The Portfolio App extends the CustomerIQ (in-depth knowledge on every customer) further. The dashboard that once tracked totals for number of accounts and MRR, now summarizes all key metrics for Revenue, Health, Journeys, Activity and Engagements for 7, 30, 60 and 90 day time periods across the top.

All of your comprehensive account data can be sliced and diced to meet your requirements – Quick Filter functionality updates both the portfolio table and dashboard simultaneously based on the filter criteria selected. Each column within the table can be sorted individually or grouped to apply advanced sort functionality.

Customer Success

The Lifecycle App – Slicker UI!

We’ve taken the familiar, visual interface and tweaked the UI so that the Lifecycle app makes visualizing all of your customer workflows even easier. We now have a card and a list view of your workflows so you can manage trials, onboarding, renewals, case study preparation or any customer-facing process all within a single screen – two views. When you denote success or failure for any account at any stage, you can quickly filter on these two states. This provides invaluable information to your team – now you can quickly identify process improvements based on trends and analysis.

Customer Success


Customer Success

For any workflow, you can define automatic task generation and assignment to support every process. Tasks will appear in the Plan app, for any stage in a workflow to ensure compliance across your entire team.

Customer Success


Account Health Scores – New!

With Account Health Scores you can automatically calculate the current health of your accounts on a daily basis to see which customers are being successful today and which customer are struggling. The health score is a powerful tool for diagnosing risks and taking action early, as well as a compelling way to demonstrate the impact customer success has on customers over time.

Unlike health scores based solely on product usage data, the Amity Customer Insight Engine(tm) combines comprehensive business data with customer usage and outcome data.  This allows our customers to build highly accurate rules and profiles for diagnosing their customer’s health over time. And Amity health scoring is configurable so you can define, manage and refine your health scores quickly and easily.

Customer Success

And Integration! provides a single-point-of-integration to meet all your analytics tracking needs with Amity. Within, just turn Amity on and configure it to relay analytics from your application to Amity. It’s that simple.

Interested in seeing these new features in action? Contact us at or schedule a demo today!

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