Who Tweeted It First: Customer Success Edition

May 9, 2016 Matthew McLaren

Who Tweeted It First: Customer Success Edition

Working in Customer Success, we hear the same terms all the time: ARR, Churn, MRR, Retention, SaaS, etc. But have you ever found yourself wondering, “who tweeted it first?” Well, we did, and after conducting some very in-depth research, this post was born. This week, we looked at some commonly-used terms in the world of Customer Success and made a few discoveries on who tweeted it first. As you would expect, there's a good mix of tweets that make perfect sense, no sense, and some that are just hilarious.

Here are the CS terms we researched:

Save My Seat


Annual Recurring Revenue


Client Success



Customer Churn

Customer Health Score

Customer Lifecycle

Customer Retention

Customer Success


Customer Success Manager

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Net Promoter Score

Quarterly Business Review




Upcoming Event

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Matthew McLaren

<a href="http://matthewmclaren.com/">Matthew McLaren </a>works as a Digital Marketing Manager at Amity. His passion for creative design has motivated him to explore the many uses of technology.

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