Who Should You Have On Your Customer Success Team?

September 14, 2016 Mathilde Augustin

SaaS Tattler Issue 92 - Who Should You Have On Your Customer Success Team?

A lot of people we’ve talked to say what makes their Customer Success organization so successful is the amazing people they’ve assembled in their team. Your Customer Success team, like any other team, has to be made of motivated, smart, dynamic individuals. But what else? What are the indicators of an amazing Customer Success professional and what should you be paying attention to during the hiring process? We’ve dedicated this issue of the SaaS Tattler to helping you assemble a team of super (customer success) heroes.

How to Hire Customer Success Managers: The New “It” Job in Tech

With the rise of Customer Success, CSMs have become the cool kids of SaaS. Because this position requires a lot of qualities, it might be very difficult to identify the perfect candidate. In this article, Rose O’Connell gives you 5 questions that will help you identify the right candidates from the get-go.

In the startup world, customer success professionals are suddenly the most popular kids on the block. That means finding and hiring a great one isn’t easy.

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Ten Aptitudes of a Successful Customer Leader

What qualities does your Customer Success Leader need in order successfully impact your entire organization? In this article Jeanne Bliss establishes a list of the 10 aptitudes your Customer Success Leader needs in order to be successful.

Customer Leaders make it painful to ignore the fact that our actions every day either grow or shrink the customer base.

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How to Hire a Head of Customer Success For Your Startup

Customer Success can stand for many different things. The role and tactics of a Customer Success organization depend on the company in which it operates. In these notes from a discussion with Monica Adractas, Tomasz Tunguz outlines the role Heads of Customer Success play in a startup environment and how to hire accordingly.

This person is often the first cross-functional hire for a startup, the first person whose job is exclusively to work with all the different teams.

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Best of Customer Success Today

Your customers should always get the maximum benefit for the amount of investment they put into implementing your solutions. While many company owners and customer success managers understand this, not many can tell the extent of customer success in their business. The Key Customer Success Metrics To Report To Your Board Of Directors.

When you’re dealing with customers, silence is incriminating. Whether there is any validity to the concern or not is another issue altogether. The problem is that people think that there is a problem, and it only fans the fire. How Do You Keep Customers Happy? Tell Them The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

These five principles represent a set of fundamental and somewhat counter-intuitive shifts in mindset that unlock the power to create the kind of deep bonding with customers that leads to extremely high customer retention, account expansion, and advocacy. 5 Counter-Intuitive Ideas for Phenomenal Customer Success.

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