What's The Best Way To Handle Software Outages?

March 15, 2017 Mathilde Augustin

What's The Best Way To Handle Software Outages?SaaS Tattler Issue 101: What's The Best Way to Handle Software Outages?

Stuff happens. It's unfortunate, and it's hard for everyone. Sometimes it's your fault, sometimes it isn't. Either way, it sucks. 

There are some best practices you should learn now, while your software is up and running, to help you deal with those high-pressure, stressful situations when they happen. While the Engineering team is hard at work trying to get the system back up, Customer Success is the one who has to save face and mitigate the damages the outage will cause on customer relationships and retention.

SaaS Customer Success: Best Practices for Unplanned Outages

The irony is that the more passionate and urgent the reaction to your outage is – probably – is an indication of how important your SaaS app is to your customers.” In this blog post, Customer Success thought leader Lincoln Murphy attempts to answer the broad question “what should we do when our application goes down”  from a Customer Success point of view.

The reaction depends not so much on the amount of time of the outage… but the impact

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How Your SaaS Company Can Survive a Cloud Outage

Mikita Mikado, CEO of PandaDoc, says it as it is: “as a SaaS Company, a big part of the user experience (…) is keeping our software up and running 24/7”. But sometimes, the inevitable happens (looking at you AWS) and in that case, it’s better to be prepared. Here are some useful tips to always be “ready” for a cloud outage.

It is very difficult to respond to on outage in real-time if you don’t have a plan B or C already in place

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Lessons in Crisis Communication from the Amazon Cloud Outage

Looking at the effect that the 2011 Amazon Cloud Outage had on Netflix, HubSpot put together this helpful 7-step playbook for using social media for crisis communication and management. Using a public platform such as social media can sometimes be the best way to “make the most” out of an outage (crazy, right?).

The more frequently you can update those affected (...), the less time they'll have to stew on the issue.

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A Guide to Handling Incidents, Downtime and Outage

David Mytton, CEO & Founder of Server Density, has a great list of tips for dealing with bugs and outages. Best tip? Write a detailed postmortem and share it widely as a way to win back trust.

Outages highlight unknown system flaws and it’s important to tell your users that the hole no longer exists

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The Best of Customer Success Today

If there’s one thing that, aside from simply working hard, helped me accelerate my learning and the growth of our business over the years, it’s building relationships with people a lot smarter and more successful than I am. The Exact Email Scripts I Use to Connect With VIP’s

By connecting on Twitter with these experts, you will ensure that you’re getting your daily dose of tools, tips, and advice on customer service from the experts who have been there, done that, and have plenty to say on the matter. Top 20 Customer Service Experts to Follow on Twitter Right Now

We sometimes think that chatbots and automation are the “next big things” in customer experience, and maybe to some degree they are. One of the current / always-has-been big things, though, is having a good talent strategy. What does that look like? It’s going to vary by firm and size, but here are some ideas. The Talent Strategy Side of Customer Experience

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