What Are Your Haters Actually Saying About You?

October 19, 2016 Mathilde Augustin

What Are Your Haters Actually Saying About You? SaaS Tattler Issue 95 - What Are Your Haters Actually Saying About You?

Customer Success teams often radiate positivity, they support and cheer on their customers, and they watch out for their best interest. However, they are also in the front-line when it comes to unhappy, loud, and highly critical customers. Yes, there will /always/ be unhappy customers, but should we be listening nonetheless? What are your haters actually saying about you and your business? This week’s Tattler is dedicated to helping you deal with unhappy and critical customers.

10 Questions to Ask Your Least Happy Customers

We’d all like the world of Customer Success to be only full of love, smiles, and happy people, but that’s not always the case. Customer Success is in the front line when it comes to frustration and negativity, and yes, it happens that customers are unhappy. This article will give you 10 questions that you should be asking your unhappiest customers in order to improve and make the most out of those situations.

When an unhappy customer tells you what you need to provide in order to make your product or service something they truly can't live without, that's the key information to making what you do indispensable.

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Jay Baer On Why You Should Embrace Complaints & Hug Your Haters

80% of businesses believe they are providing great customer service while only 8% of customers agree. Customers are starting to embrace connecting with companies publicly to air their complaints, thus becoming haters. In this discussion with the author and thought leader Jay Baer, Hana Abaza from Uberflip explores the different strategies you may use to turn your haters into lovers, and why you should embrace complaints to provide better customer service.

flip the switch Fewer than half of customers who complain in public expect you to answer, so when you do, it blows their minds and wins their hearts.

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Your Silent Customers Have Something to Tell You

Your unhappiest customers are not always the loudest ones. Silent customers who run into a multitude of small issues but don’t voice their complaints through big tickets have something to say and their experience will help you improve. In this article, Hannah Chaplin explains why it is important to keep silent customers in mind when prioritizing feature requests and product improvement.

It’s often only the big features they tell you about; they won’t reel off the list of 10 - 15 small things that irritate them each day

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Why The Best Customer Success Managers Embrace Their Most Vocal Customers

Dealing with unhappy customers is never fun, and the most vocal ones don’t give you an alternative when it comes to facing their criticism. Even though you might want to brush off the negativity, it is important to listen to your customers and engage in a conversation with them, even when they are loud and mad, because they are ultimately pushing you to do better.

But for those who can step back and embrace their most vocal customers and learn how to dig deeper into those relationships for insights and opinions, they find incredible and rare pieces of wisdom.

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Best of Customer Success Today:

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