Turn Your Customer Into Your Best Salesperson

July 27, 2016 Matthew McLaren

Turn Your Customer Into Your Best Salesperson

SaaS Tattler Issue 90 - Turn Your Customer Into Your Best Salesperson

Have you ever heard the saying, “Happy wife, happy life”? Well, take that same concept and apply it to your business... successful customers, successful business. A potential buyer can hear the exact same benefit statement from a sales rep and from a current customer, but who do you think they'll believe? That’s the power of customer advocacy. In this issue of the SaaS Tattler, we look at the evolution of customer advocacy and the huge impact it can have on a company’s bottom line.

3 Tips For Building a More Robust Customer Reference Program

The way marketing and sales teams use customer references has changed. Customer advocacy is no longer just a simple testimonial but is a revenue driver with a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. In this article, Nichole Auston, Marketing Director at RO Innovation, looks at the bigger picture of customer advocacy and provides 3 tips to creating a sustainable stream of customer references.

Genuine customer success stories also have an incredible brand building effect

Tactics to Decrease SaaS Churn Rate & Build Advocates

The idea of turning customers into advocates isn’t about posting their logo on your website, but is about investing in resources to help your customers become successful beyond your product. In this post, Luke Summerfield, Program Manager at Hubspot, shares some strategies to turn new customers into brand advocates.

One of the best investments to make is to have a dedicated customer success coach

How Marketing and Customer Success Drive Advocacy

Don’t be mistaken, a customer advocacy program is not a referral program. Unlike a referral program, a strong advocacy program is two sided and creates a partnership between the company and engaged users. In this post, Marin Perez, Content Marketing Manager at MileIQ, explains how a company's marketing and customer success teams can identify customer advocates.

One of the best ways to spot advocates is through usage data, which your Customer Success team should be monitoring.

Become Disruptively SaaS-y by Developing Customer Referral Programs

A great product does not guarantee customer advocacy. Word of mouth is a direct co-sign from a satisfied customer and harnessing this can be a driving force within a company. In this article, Jessica Edmondson, Content Marketing Manager at Amplifinity, compares the success stories of Uber and Dropbox and their ability to bypass the 3 main challenges SaaS businesses face after launch.

A great deal of Uber’s success came by word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Best of Customer Success Today

No matter how well you listen to your customers, or how thoroughly you engage with them, if you fail to deliver meaningful business results, sooner or later (more often, sooner) those customers will find providers that can. Results Always Trump Good Intentions In Customer Retention.

You may offer a product that does what it’s supposed to do, and sell it at a competitive price, but it’s the customer experience you deliver that makes people feel confident about doing business with you. Customer Success Is Proving That The Customer Made The Right Decision To Do Business With You.

You've heard the saying “the customer is always right,” but it's time to take that idea a step further. What Does 'The Customer Is Always Right' Mean Today?

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