Tools to Support Your Growing Customer Base

May 4, 2016 Matthew McLaren

Growing Customer Base

SaaS Tattler Issue 83 - Tools to Support Your Growing Customer Base

Yes, we recognize that some companies are a bit premature for a Customer Success Platform. However, that shouldn’t stop them from making their customers successful. There are numerous tools available that work with your budget while still helping to optimize the efficiency of your workflow. With all that being said, we’ve dedicated this issue of the SaaS Tattler to helping CSMs find amazing tools to support their growing customer base.

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Tools of the trade: Apps for customer success

As the discipline of Customer Success evolves, so does its tools. One major milestone in client communications is the introduction of in-app messaging. Which, of course, is now a critical component in allowing SaaS companies to better serve their customers. In this article, Tamar Weinberg offers an in-depth analysis of three leaders in the communication space.

“In-app messaging is a new breed of client communication, and so far, shows some great promise”

4 Customer Success Tools Every SaaS Company Should Use To Scale

One question CSMs often ask themselves is, “How can I scale the number of customers served, without sacrificing loyalty, user feedback and one-on-one focused training?” Well, look no further. In this article, Albert Colmenero lists 4 tools that SaaS companies can use to support their growing client base.

“Customer success is by nature a very one-on-one interaction.”

11 Free Tools & Ideas for Customer Support as a Startup

As many of us know, most startups don’t have the budget to use the same automated tools that their larger competitors are using. This naturally begs the question, “how can you support your customers like a pro without breaking the bank?” In this article, Brandon Landis offers 11 free tools and ideas that will help support your customers as a small business/startup.

“Building relationships with satisfied customers is a make-or-break operation you can’t compromise on”

The Best of Customer Success Today

The goal of any business is to connect with its customers and forge bonds of both trust and loyalty. Here are 3 Unique Methods For Connecting With Customers by Matt Banner.

Think about how much effort you exert every day. What Can You Do to Reduce Customer Effort Today by Jeannie Walters.

These days, the CMO has a wide range of responsibilities, from creating new go-to-market strategies to driving organizational transformation to brand management to generating growth. CMOs, It's Time to Step Up to the CX Plate by Duff Anderson.

Top SaaS Fundings This Week

  1. CloudHealth Technologies - Received $20M in Series C Funding

    • CloudHealth Technologies delivers cloud service management for enterprises to effectively optimize cost, usage, performance, and security.

  2. Bench - Received $16M in Series B Funding

    • Bench is the online bookkeeping service that pairs you with a dedicated bookkeeper and simple, elegant software to do your books for you.

  3. Xola - Received $5M in Series A Funding

    • Xola is a booking and marketing software for the tours and activity market.

  4. VividCortex - Received $4.5M in Series A Funding

    • VividCortex is the best way to see what your production database systems are doing.

  5. AlertMedia - Received $4M in Series A-1 Funding

    • AlertMedia helps some of the world’s largest organizations securely and effectively monitor threats, streamline notifications, and improve employee safety.
  6. Cloudamize - Received $1M in Venture Funding
    • Cloudamize provides optimization and capacity planning tools for companies to manage their cloud-based infrastructure.

Top 5 SaaS Companies With The Highest Weekly Momentum Score
(Source: Mattermark)

  1. Ustream - (Score = 2430)

    • Ustream provides a live interactive broadcast platform.

  2. ProductPlan - (Score = 1833)

    • ProductPlan develops strategic planning and product roadmap software for product teams.

  3. AnyMeeting - (Score = 1807)

    • AnyMeeting is a SaaS-based platform providing web conferencing and webinar services for online meetings and webinars.

  4. Splashtop - (Score = 1745)

    • Splashtop Inc. delivers the best-in-class cross-screen productivity and collaboration experience.

  5. SnapApp - (Score = 1392)

    • SnapApp is an interactive content creation platform that enables marketers to boost results by 2-3x across all their marketing programs.

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