The Right and Wrong Ways to Onboard Your Customers

September 20, 2016 Mathilde Augustin

SaaS Tattler Issue 93Saas Tattler Issue 93 - The Right and Wrong Ways to Onboard Your Customers.

Onboarding, onboarding… everyone in SaaS knows this is a vital step. What a better way to ensure your customer values your service than to start off the relationship on the right foot? Because there is so much to say about the right and wrong ways to do it, we’ve dedicated this week’s SaaS Tattler to customer onboarding. Here are some thoughts and ideas that will inspire you!

7 Awesome Tips to Ramp Up Your B2B Customer Onboarding Process

Do you ever wonder: where do we even start? You know what you want to achieve, but how do you get there? Ritika Puri put together the 7 steps that will take your customer onboarding process from just okay to absolutely awesome.

Start fresh and develop an experience, not just a process.

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User Onboarding Isn’t a Feature

Many SaaS companies will put onboarding on their roadmap and “ship it” as a part of their product. According to Samuel Hulick, for onboarding to entice a real improvement in user behavior, you should adopt a holistic, qualitative, and evolving approach.

It's not about getting people to do more things, it's about getting them to do the right things.

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13 Tips To Improve User Onboarding From SaaS Leaders

Kate Harvey from Chargify has reached out to SaaS Leaders and companies known for their amazing onboarding process and asked them “For companies looking to improve user onboarding, what is the #1 tip you wish someone gave you early on?” - get inspired!

Follow these three steps: Define, Determine, and Pace.

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Best of Customer Success Today:

To prosper in this new services economy, all businesses will need to evolve to a more customer success oriented approach. Company cultures, organizational structures, processes, employee compensation plans, information systems and use of technology will need to change to accommodate a customer success orientation. Why customer success is now the master business metric

For some companies - maybe yours - bad-fit customers don't churn out; they stick around and keep paying... and increasing support costs while dragging down growth rates (and morale) as they fail to expand their use of your product, won't invite you into other parts of their company, and refuse to advocate for you publicly. Bad-fit Customers: A Perfect Illusion

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