The Best Customer Success Articles of 2017

December 21, 2017 Asra Sarfraz

The Best Customer Success Articles of 2017

Dealing with some end of year FOMO? We know, it's the season - it's easy not to feel ready for the new year when you're still working hard to wrap up the quarter.

We've got just what you need. Below is our annual holiday reading list, the best articles of 2017, curated, organized, and ready to be enjoyed. Read it now or bookmark it for later, whatever floats your boat!

To Get Started

Why not start with some Customer Success videos? Grab a snack, turn off Netflix, and start learning!



Looking to improve your day-to-day processes? Here are some tips around the playbooks that make up most of the everyday life of a CSM.


Business Alignment

To get the best results for your customer, your company needs to think of Customer Success not as a department, but as a culture. Here are some pieces around aligning Customer Success and other teams.


Career Planning + Leadership

Customer Success is a new function and with that comes a lot of uncertainty about career paths and leadership skills development. Below are some tips for planning your career in Customer Success and leading your organization to success.



Need we say more? Everyone knows what churn is, and everyone hates it. Here are some best practices and tips to help you fight churn and retain customers until the end of days.


Playbooks and Best Practices

Customer Success playbooks are specific to the organization they belong to, but there are some best practices and how-to’s that work across the board, below are some of them.

Technology and Analytics

You can’t prove it if you can’t measure it! Below are some pieces around measuring Customer Success and leveraging automation.  


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