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April 27, 2016 Matthew McLaren

Frequently updated and always on point, the A-List is a snapshot of what's happening in the world of Customer Success. Handpicked by our editors, the list is refreshed regularly, so if you think we're missing someone, feel free to let us know


Alex Bakula-Davis
Director of Customer Success - Proven


Alex curates the Customer Success Newsletter which is a weekly curated collection of 4 helpful articles from around the Customer Success community.

The Customer Success Newsletter



Alex McClafferty
Customer Success Expert - Glide Consulting


Alex helps VC-Funded startups and F100 companies optimize, leverage and accelerate their Customer Success teams. 

The Glide Consulting Blog



Alex Raymond
CEO - Kapta


As CEO of Kapta, Alex helps account managers keep and grow their most valuable accounts - by proactively focusing on what really matters to their customers.

The Kapta Blog



Alex Turnbull
CEO - GrooveHQ


Alex is on a journey to $500k in monthly revenue. Every Thursday he publishes a new blog post about his wins, fails and lessons learned along the way.

The Groove Blog



Allison Pickens
VP of Customer Success and Business Operations - Gainsight


Allison is an entrepreneurial leader with strong business and product insticts. Follow her weekly blog posts on Customer Success best practices.

The Gainsight Blog



Andrew Rhodes
Director of Customer Success Education - CSM Practice


Andrew draws from almost ten years of strategic business consulting experience to help clients achieve their goals in Customer Success.

CSM Corner



Annette Franz
VP of Client Experience - Compellon


Annette is a recognized Customer Experience thought leader who is passionate about helping build people-focused organizations.

CX Journey



Ari Hoffman
Success Fanatic - MindTouch


As a Success Fanatic Ari strives to promote the ‘Customer Experience,’ and a business’s engagement with that experience, as the foundation for all success to stand on. 

MindTouch Blog



Bill Cushard
Director of Marketing - ServiceRocket


Bill is a revenue marketer who leverages his background in professional development and training to create and execute content marketing strategies that drive profitable customer behavior.

Helping Sells Radio | Bill on LinkedIn



Bill Quiseng
Chief Experience Office - Bill Quiseng


Bill's blog posts will help you establish the guidelines to capatalize on associate commitment whole delivering exemplary customer service.

Deliver the World's Best Customer Experience



Bob Hayes
President - Business Over Broadway


Bob conducts research in the area of big data, data science, customer feedback (e.g., identify best practices in CX programs, reporting methods and loyalty measurement).

Business Over Broadway Blog



Brandon Hickie
Marketing Manager, Pricing Strategy - LinkedIn


Brandon specializes in helping B2B software companies cross the chasm from startup to growth stage businesses by helping build-out and refine customer acquisition.

OpenView Labs



Cassandra Jowett
Senior Content Marketing Manager - Influitive


Cassandra is a rare hybrid multimedia journalist, editor and marketer who touches on the alignment between Marketing and Customer Success.

Influitive Blog



Catherine Blackmore
GVP Customer Success - Oracle Marketing Cloud


Catherine is a thought leader and innovator in the area of Customer Success, with over 20 years of experience helping a diverse list of clients from small businesses to Fortune 100 customers.

Catherine on LinkedIn



Chad Horenfeldt
VP of Customer Success - Bluecore


Chad is a Customer Experience and Customer Success executive with 15+ years experience developing Customer Success teams with companies of all sizes.

The Enlightened Customer



Chad Keck


Chad is an experienced and accomplished technology leader specializing in product management and strategy, product innovation, product marketing, sales engineering, usability, and customer experience management.

Become an NPS Expert



Colin Shaw
CEO - Beyond Philosophy


Colin has been recognized by LinkedIn as one of the world's top 150 business influencers and by Brand Quarterly as one of the 'Top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders, over 50'.

Beyond Philosophy Blog



Curtis Bingham
CEO - Chief Customer Officer Council


Curtis founded the Chief Customer Officer Council™, the first peer-led advisory group for CCOs. The Council has helped its members create customer-centric cultures as well as drive profitable customer engagement.

CCO Council Blog



Cvetilena Gocheva
Community Manager -


Cvetilena founded a community project focused entirely on helping B2B companies, startup entrepreneurs and customer experience enthusiasts become proactive in putting the customer at the heart of everything they do. 

Cvetilena on LinkedIn



Dan Steinman
Chief Customer Officer - Gainsight


Dan is a recognized domain expert in Customer Success especially in a startup environment and in SaaS.

The Gainsight Blog



Dave Blake
CEO - ClientSuccess


Dave is an industry veteran and early leader for Customer Success Management. Dave’s posts infuse his experience and thought leadership to enable SaaS companies to deliver world-class retention and growth. 

ClientSuccess Blog



David Mitzenmacher
VP of Client Experience & Transformation - ADP


David is incredibly passionate about the emergence of Customer Experience as a profession, and was a founding member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

The Dave Mitz Blog



David Skok
Partner - Matrix Partners


David has a wealth of experience running companies.David writes for entrepreneurs and startups on topics such as viral marketing, SaaS metrics, building a sales and marketing machine, techniques for lowering cost of customer acquisition, etc.

For Entrepreneurs



Dayton Semerjian
GM & SVP, Global Customer Success - CA Technologies


Dayton, is responsible for designing, deploying, measuring, and governing the CA customer experience (CX) strategy through a global field network of customer success managers, voice of customer programs, and business analytics team. 

CA Technologies Blog



Dennis Hennessey
Director of Customer Success - Signiant


Driven by a passion for providing an optimal customer experience, Dennis has developed a niche launching customer management programs from the ground up at various companies.

Dennis on LinkedIn



Don MacLennan
CEO - Bluenose


Don has held leadership roles across sales, business development, marketing and product management. He has worked in all stages of tech companies, from pre-revenue startups to IPO to large companies such as SAP and EMC.

The Bluenose Blog



Ed Powers
Principal - Service Excellence Partners


Ed helps subscription-based technology companies reduce customer churn through his consulting practice. Helping clients diagnose root causes, improve quality and value of products and services, and systematically strengthen customer relationships.




Flavio Martins
VP of Operations - DigiCert


Flavio focuses setting the strategy for customer service and customer experience, online communications, content development, and corporate communications.

Win the Customer



Guy Nirpaz
CEO - Totango


Guy is driven by the possibilities technology offers to improve the way people do business. He believe cloud computing enables SaaS which enables affordable and improved services for people.

The Totango Blog



Irit Eizips
Customer Success Practice Director - CSM Practice


Irit’s experience include defining and implementing the customer journey, customer campaigns, customer success playbooks, customer maturity scoring model as well as customer success reports and dashboards.

>CSM Corner



Jason Lemkin
Trusted Advisor - SaaStr


Jason is a 2x founder, 1x VC, and constant SaaS enthusiast. He led or sourced the first VC investments in many leading enterprise/SaaS start-ups. Collectively, these start-ups are worth in excess of one billion dollars.




Jason Whitehead
CEO - Trituns


Jason specializes in Customer Success Management & maximizing IT user adoption. He has exceptional experience working on CRM projects for a variety of Fortune 500 and mid-size clients.

Trituns Insights



Jay Nathan
SVP of Customer Success - PeopleMatter


Jay is a SaaS executive with over 15 years experience in technology, product management and customer facing operations including account management, services and support.

Jay on Medium



Jean-Marc Bronoel
Head of IT Operations Management Customer Success - Hewlett-Packard


Jean-Marc is a Solution-focused and Customer Oriented Senior Executive with vast global software development experience.

Jean-Marc on LinkedIn



Jeanne Bliss
CEO - Customer Bliss


Jeanne has guided the leaders of Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies since 1984 in their customer experience transformations. 

Customer Bliss Blog



Jeff Cann
VP of Customer Success - Sysomos

Jeff Cann Sysomos


Jeff brings his deep understanding of high touch and automated SaaS Customer Success strategies to Sysomos, where he serves as the Vice President of Customer Success.

The Sysomos Blog



Joel York
CEO - Markodojo


Joel is respected thought leader on SaaS business models and metrics. He is well known SaaS / Cloud business executive, entrepreneur and startup advisor.

Chaotic Flow Blog



John Rode
Head of Marketing - Ptero


John is a B2B demand generation executive with 16 years of experience. He discusses how you can analyze the behavior of your customers to find which correlate with conversion to paid customer, successful on-boarding, retention, etc.

The Ptero Blog



Jonah Kadish
Senior Customer Success Manager - AppsFlyer

Jonah is an acccomplished technical implementation professional capable of analyzing vague customer needs and turning them into life changing easy to use solutions.

Jonah on LinkedIn



Kate Harvey
Content & Search Marketing Manager - Chargify


Kate is a strategic marketer who understands that if you don’t have customers you don’t have a sustainable business.

The Chargify Blog



Kate Leggett
VP & Principal Analyst - Forrester Research


Kate is a seasoned High-tech professional with extensive product marketing, product management and operations experience who covers the Customer Success space.

The Forrester Blog



Kia Puhm
Principal - Kia CX Consulting


Kia is a pioneer in the field of Customer Experience. She has led businesses through the transition to disciplined, customer-centric organizations resulting in increased revenue and customer loyalty.

The Kia CX Consulting Blog



Krysta Gahagen
Customer Success Manager - Sparkcentral


Krysta’s writing focuses on why having a personal approach to your Customer Success strategy is essential.

The Sparkcentral Blog



Liam Gooding


Liam is a product focused entrepreneur and shares his expertise on how SaaS startups can drive growth with Customer Success.

Trakio Blog



Lincoln Murphy
Customer Success Strategist - Sixteen Ventures


Lincoln helps companies achieve exponential growth by focusing on their most valuable asset: the customer.

SaaS Thought Leadership



Lisa Pressler Nakano
Research Director, ABM, Customer Experience - SiriusDecisions


Lisa is a Customer Experience and Loyalty Executive committed to increasing the voice-of-the-customer in the organization and optimizing the customer experience.

The SiriusDecisions Blog



Lynn Hunsaker
Customer Experience ROI Strategist - ClearAction


Lynn is a Customer Experience expert, emphasizing operational consistency. She is a CXPA CX Expert (1 of 17), CustomerThink Featured Columnist (1 of 12), #3 author on CustomerThink.

The ClearAction Blog



Mark Silver
Product Manager - WalkMe


Mark explains that businesses get the most value out of their products and services by driving customers to action, and increasing cross-selling and up-selling.

The SuccessFULL Blog



Melissa Hopkins
Director, Customer Success - Aha!


Melissa has more than 15 years of business and software experience. Previously, she managed teams at Citrix [CTXS] across consulting, education, supply chain operations, and IT.

The Aha! Blog



Mikael Blaisdell
Executive Director - The Customer Success Association


Mikael is the leading voice in the SaaS/Cloud sector on the strategy, process, people and technology of customer retention and increased per-customer profitability.

The Customer Success Magazine



Miruna Mitranescu
Content Marketing Manager - Aircall


Miruna is passionate about startups and writes about why Customer Success is a big part in any SaaS startup strategy.

The Aircall Blog



Nello Franco
SVP of Customer Success - Talend


Nello is an executive leader with a passion for Customer Success and the ability and desire to build a customer-­centric company.

The Nello Franco Blog



Nick Franklin
CEO - ChartMogul


Nick was employee number 6 at Zendesk, the cloud-based customer service platform and is now the CEO of ChartMogul.

The ChartMogul Blog



Nick Mehta
CEO - Gainsight


Nick is a leader in the SaaS industry. He shares his experience leading startups, culture and customer success.




Nicolas Pena
Client Services Manager - RevenueWire


Nicolas writes from his day-to-day experience managing the Client Services Team at RevenueWire. 

The RevenueWire Blog



Nils Vinje
Customer Success Expert - Glide Consulting


Nils knows that a world class Customer Success team is critical to every SaaS business. He partners with clients to lay the foundation for Customer Success.

The Glide Consulting Blog



Omid Razavi
SaaS Customer Success Consultant - Independent


Omid is a Customer Success and growth leader who drives user engagement, technology consumption, customer adoption and advocacy at all stages of the customer journey. 

Omid on LinkedIn



Paul Teshima
CEO - Nudge Software


Paul is a successful technology executive who has run services, customer success, account management, support and product management. He shares his passion for building great teams and products that help customers grow their businesses.

Paul on LinkedIn



Peter Armaly
Principal - CustomerScience


Peter is a visionary leader in Customer Success industry with solid contributions of quality content (presentations, blogs, podcasts).​

Peter on LinkedIn



Phil O'Doherty
Manager, Implentation & Professional Services - HubSpot


Phil's experience working with retention, product usage and employee data has helped scale HubSpot into new markets and better serve their customers.

The Keep | Grow Blog



Rachel English
Director, Insights Customer Success - Zuora

Rachel believes that companies and their customers are only truly successful together, and she understands the building blocks and the details needed to compound that effect.

The Subscribed Podcast



Rob Markey
Partner & Global Practice Leader, Customer Strategy - Bain & Company


Rob has deep expertise in customer strategy and marketing, especially in businesses with loyalty economics. 

The Net Promoter System Podcast



Sam Feil
Customer Success Manager - ClientSuccess


Sam shares his experience ensuring that his clients are fully engaged and move quickly through the lifecycle while maximizing customer value and working toward portfolio development, retention, expansion, and overall success.

The ClientSuccess Blog



Sandi Lin
CEO - Skilljar


Sandi can help you successfully onboard, engage, & retain your customers & partners.

The Skilljar Blog



Sarah E. Brown
Senior Manager of Growth Marketing - ServiceRocket


Sarah drives customer acquisition and fosters customer growth throughout the lifecycle through digital channels.

Helping Sells Radio



Scott Schell
Senior Manager, Global Customer Success - Cisco


Scott is a senior leader in Cisco’s Global Customer Success organization, with direct responsibility for the Adopt and Expand success of Cisco’s top partners.

The Cisco Blog



Shannon Kluczny
VP of Client Success - BizLibrary


Shannon’s mantra and key responsibility is to GROW and RETAIN clients. She has  developed and implemented a Strategic Implementation Strategy, Client Life Cycle Matrix and a Client Scoring Tool. 

Shannon on LinkedIn



Shep Hyken
Chief Amazement Officer - Shepard Presentations


Shep is a customer service expert and keynote speaker. He works with companies who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. 

Customer Service Blog



Sonia Siganporia
Marketing Manager - Strikedeck


Sonia's writing ensures that your customers gain value from your product offerings and helps you to cultivate lasting business relationships.

Strikedeck Blog



Tien Tzuo
CEO - Zuora


Tien is a leading evangelist of the Subscription Economy - the idea that as we move from a manufacturing sector to services, companies are shifting to a customer-centric, subscription-based business model.

Tien on LinkedIn



Todd Eby
CEO - SuccessHacker


Todd helps companies to understand and capitalize on a simple truth, Successful Customers = Successful Company. 

Todd on Medium



Tom Krackeler
SVP, Products - Zuora


Tom has been a product leader over the last 15+ years for high growth SaaS companies from startup through IPO and beyond.

The Subscribed Podcast



Tomasz Tunguz
Partner - Redpoint Ventures


Tomasz writes daily, data-driven blog posts about key questions facing startups including how to fund raise, startup benchmarks, management best practices and team building.

The Tomasz Tunguz Blog

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