Tales of Terrible Customer Service

April 26, 2017 Mathilde Augustin

SaaS Tattler Issue 103: Tales of Terrible Customer ServiceSaaS Tattler Issue 103: Tales of Terrible Customer Service

It’s called SaaS for a reason: Software as a SERVICE. So, while Customer Success is tasked with much more than customer service, they are the ones - along with support - who interact with customers all day long, and they are the ones who represent your brand through various types of interactions. As Neil Patel puts it: Considered holistically, SaaS is a service that involves interaction between people doing business.

Not all customer service failures are as appallingly disastrous as the recent United Airlines fiasco, but all of them will hurt your business. Here are some thoughts on not-so-great customer service stories that will make you think about the way your company treats its customers.

5 Customer Service Fails That Will Make You Squirm

Let’s start by setting the mood and take a look at some epic customer service fails. In this article, James Thornton from GetApp Lab lists 5 shocking tales of customer service. From the failings of automation to offensively rude arguments, there’s something for everyone. Maybe take this as a time to reflect and tap yourself on the back for not being the absolute worst (yay).

“If your house was destroyed, and you have looked around the neighborhood for our cable box and cannot find it, you owe us $212...” 

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SaaS Customer Success: Technology Will Fail, but Service Must Never

Customer Success expert Lincoln Murphy was faced with the nerve-wracking situation of being let down by technology while attempting to launch a webinar with a live audience. That’s not why Lincoln churned, though. The main failure of the SaaS provider was to let him get into that sticky situation by failing at proactively communicating existing technical issues.

What compelling reason is there for a user to be able – without warnings along the way – to continue to use a service when it is down?

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Enterprise-Rent-a-Car: How to Turn a “Promoter” Into a “Detractor” in 1,2,3!

There’s no better way to go from 10 to 0 than poor customer service. In this article, Ian Golding reflects on his relationship with his beloved car rental provider. In 3 simple failed customer service interactions, the company managed to turn a forceful advocate into both a churned customer and a detractor. What you’ll learn from it? It’s not only about doing too little, it’s also about lacking the creative problem-solving skills that will save your customer relationships.

It should not take something to go very wrong for previously un-addressed issues to be sorted.

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5 Reasons Companies Fail at Customer Service

You might want to blame the reps for customer service failures, but the truth is, it’s on you, your department, and your company as a whole to establish the right culture for impeccable customer service, and, ultimately, amazing Customer Success. Customer Service thought-leader Shep Hyken outlines 5 simple reasons why your company might be failing at delivering the service that your customers deserve. Can you improve the way your company treats its customers?

It turns out that most companies do know what to do. They just have a hard time executing.

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The Best of Customer Success Today

Not all customers are equal. That may be harsh, but it’s true. You can’t (and shouldn’t) give equal resources to each account. Some require more of your time than others. Some offer more value to your organization than others. You need to identify the ones that would benefit from more resources. Identify and prioritize accounts by Nils Vinje.

It’s no secret that Agile has been put to great use by your product and engineering teams. It’s a tried and true methodology; but did you know that it can also be used to deliver an amazing Customer Success strategy? How to Use Agile to Deliver Customer Success by Todd Eby.

Quarterly business reviews (QBRs) is absolute table stakes for any Customer Success strategy. I’ve written before about the importance of QBRs and over time, the QBR remains the mainstay of assuring the value is delivered to your customers. What’s interesting about the QBR practice is the various ways that they are performed and what they may not include. 3 Tips to Up Your QBR Game by Keri Keeling.

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