Startup Open House

October 21, 2014 Pam McBride


Interested in the feeling the life of a startup? Or if that’s a bit too adventurous you can just stop by and learn more about Amity. On October 30th Amity, along with the other cool startup tenants at OneEleven, are opening their doors to participate in Startup Open House.

The Startup Open House is back for the second year and promises those who visit will experience a “bustling startup ecosystem”. The event, which is 100% community focused and 100% free, is taking place simultaneously in Montreal and Toronto from 4 to 7pm with over 75 startups opening their doors.

The inspiration for creating the event came from a growing interest for startups and the possibility of working at one. We’re not only interested in meeting you but also showcasing the power of Amity. Please drop by and introduce yourself to the team – John, Brian, Chris and Pam!

See you next Thursday between 4 and 7pm!


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