SaaS Tattler Issue 59

October 2, 2015 Paul Philp

Issue 59 – The Exciting New World of SaaS Sales

The SaaS revolution continues to upend and transform every business process. Over the past few years, the B2B sales process has changed so much that it’s hardly recognizable. There are new sales roles (Sales Development), new sales techniques (Challenger Sales), oceans of new data, and an entirely new set of tools. This week we are looking at how all of these changes are impacting the SaaS sales process.

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Overcoming Objections To Build a SaaS Development Empire

Salesloft, in Atlanta, is a great example of a new generation sales tool. They service the new sales development rep role. In this post, the have some great tips on making the case for the sales development role.

There are a few common objections to restructuring sales teams to involve sales development. Here are the top five objections we’ve come across… and reasons why they shouldn’t stop you from building a sales development team:

  1. “We Don’t Have The Resources”

If their objection is that there’s currently no budget to hire a new team focused specifically on sales development — then the answer is specialization, regardless of scale.

Here’s how you do it: even if you only have one rep, they can prospect Monday and Wednesday and act as a closer on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. With two reps on board, one could prospect while the other closes deals. It will instill the mindset of specialization, which is the real value behind sales development.

What CROs need to Know About Sales Analytics and the Buyer’s Journey

I think the most important shift in the sales process is the focus on the buyer’s journey. Our sales processes must reflect how our buyers make their purchasing decisions. Sharmin Kent, of TinderBox, talks about how sales analytics can be used to understand the buyer’s journey.

Today’s B2B buyers are reshaping the sales funnel. They’re are taking matters into their own hands, using the Internet to research products, communicate with colleagues and influencers, and narrow down choices before they ever contact a vendor. The job of sales then becomes interacting with a buyer in a way that doesn’t just answer questions – it must build trust. Gartner writer Hank Barnes asks the following questions:

“Do those interactions confirm or clarify insights [buyers] learned from providers? Do they demonstrate that you understand the buyer’s business challenges? During this time, they continue to look for validation from external influencers but the balance is leaning more closely toward your organization.”

—Hank Barnes, Gartner

Challenging Your Customers During Your SaaS Startup’s Sales Process

Customers are well-informed by the time they are speaking with you. How can you add value? Providing insight and challenging your buyers is increasingly important. Challenge them to manage their roles in news ways, to improve key business process, and to use new data and metrics.Tomaz Tunguz writes about the challenger sale in SaaS.

What distinguishes Challenger sales people? According the CEB’s analysis, Challengers sell by teaching, tailoring and controlling the sales process.Challengers pitch customers in five steps. First, instead of asking, “What problems do you, the customer have?” Challengers, they warm up the prospect and build credibility by providing some relevant data or insight. Next, and this is the most important part, they Reframe the conversation. They teach the customer that their current world view is flawed in some way.

There’s Only One SaaS Sales Strategy You Really Need

We’ve covered this post in the past, but it’s so good and relevant, we’re covering it again. The one strategy you need to sell in SaaS, is making your customer successful. This post has a ton of great ideas and tool for working with your prospects and customers to make them successful.

Write a Helpful Blog

SaaS is another business that has done an excellent job of educating customers. Their blog is a gold standard in the SEO industry. Everyone follows it. They regularly post about SEO best practices and include videos on how to get the most from search. This service not only gives them a great avenue for inbound traffic, it also serves to train the users they already have. SEO is a complicated process, and Moz’s software is a powerful tool. As they convert casual users into experts, they are guaranteeing themselves future sales.

SaaS Sales Tools We Love

Salesloft – Sales process automation.

Datanyze – A powerful sales intelligence tool that let’s you find prospects by technology stack.

Norbert – Find anyone’s email address. We are very happy customers.

HubSpot CRM – This is our CRM tool. The first CRM product that I have ever fallen in love with.

Nudge – Very powerful social selling app.

Other Interesting Weekend Reads

Best practices for creating awesome SaaS products. Creating Successful SaaS Products.

Seeking a balance of goals is unstable. It is tension that adds stability. Balance is weak. Tension is strong.

Managing your CAC, by channel, is key to success in SaaS. CAC and The SaaS Cost Jungle.

And, finally, here is a relevant post from the Amity blog this week. Common Trial Conversion Activities help Customer Success “see the light”.

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