SaaS Tattler Issue 53

July 22, 2015 Paul Philp

Issue 53 – Did You Think We Forgot About You?

We want to start off this issue of the Tattler by addressing the elephant in the room – we apologize for the delay in releasing this issue. To make it up to you, we are proud to announce a beautiful new SaaS Tattler!

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The Evolution of the SaaS Stack and What it Could Mean for You

Clement Vouillon of Point Nine Capital published an excellent essay on the transformation of the SaaS stack. His position reminds me a little of the horizontal disintegration of the computer industry that happened in the PC era.

The main SaaS verticals are really getting crowded. From big players to medium / small ones and even “micro-SaaS” (e.g. SaaS which are just ‘extensions’ / ‘plugins’ of bigger SaaS) people have, literally, the choice between hundreds / thousands of solutions. And as people keep adding more and more SaaS in their stack the pains linked to software interconnection, data migration, stack management, workflow integration, experience customization etc… keep growing as well.

So new hybrid products / new approaches are organically emerging to try to fill these gaps.

This is how Clement sees the model today. It is an insightful essay; well worth the read.


How to Completely Automate the SaaS Funnel to Get More Customers

Continuing that thread, Vladimir Bestic writes about integrating a number of SaaS tools into a completely automated workflow for your sales funnel using

Every time someone visits your website they enter in a customer journey. Customer journey can be defined as each core step that people take from visiting your website to cancelling a subscription. It can also be called a customer lifecycle.

It is very important to define how your funnel looks like so you can focus on optimizing each step one at a time. Here’s my recommendation for creating your funnel:

  • Step 1 – Visited your website
  • Step 2 – Signed up for your products free trial or free plan.
  • Step 3 – Used core product feature.
  • Step 4 – Became your customer
  • Step 5 – Cancelled subscription – churned.

I will explain steps 3 in next sections of guide, others are self-explanatory.

By now, you should have created a visual sketch of your funnel containing all steps that we have covered here.

Once you’ve understood and sketched your funnel, let’s move on to automating each step.

It is a comprehensive article. At Amity, we believe that automated workflow is a key element of your conversion process. Checkout Vladimir’s thinking on the subject.

The Increasing Fragmentation of SaaS

Tomasz Tunguz had a good piece on the fragmentation of SaaS a couple of weeks back.

In the old model of software procurement, companies would call one of the large software monoliths (Oracle, SAP, IBM, etc) and negotiate an enterprisewide license for a software suite to serve the majority of their departments. These suite offerings promised simplified negotiation and procurement, a single integrated platform with free data interchange across departments, and one point of support. But, this promise was never fulfilled.

The alternative, which is the fragmented market of today, enables teams to purchase best-of-breed point solutions, try them, and quickly cycle through all the different offerings until they find the best one for their needs. This change in purchasing behavior is happening broadly across SaaS. If you speak to a VP of Sales a fast-growing startup, you often hear them talk about their sales stack, the collection of different software their account executive views. It’s not just CRM that salespeople use anymore, but sales orchestration, lead generation, configure price quote software, and so on. The marketing team also has their proprietary software stack with marketing automation, lead scoring, attribution, and many other categories. So does human resources: applicant tracking, employee engagement, goal setting…

Interesting SaaS Vendors of the Week

This week’s interesting vendors come from Clement Vouillon’s article.

Lytics – The Customer Data Platform for Marketers

Clearbit – Clearbit builds business intelligence APIs

Segment – The single hub to collect, manage and route your customer data

Additional Reading

Ben Thompson referred to Netflix as “just another network” two years ago but admits why he was wrong in Netflix and the Conservation of Attractive Profits.

Get customers, keep customers, and grow customers with these 4 Tools for Customer Success Managers.

3 ways to improve efficiency and Speed Up SaaS Onboarding without removing the essential services necessary to ensure client success.

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