SaaS Tattler Issue 5

April 17, 2014 Pam McBride

Top SaaS Insights of the Week:

SaaS Growth

Looking for inspiration, along with some principles for designing or updating your SaaS website (your product is continuously evolving so your website should try to keep pace), then look no further than Clement Vouillon’s latest post. “Building a kick-ass value proposition is hard and there is no magical recipe”.

No need for an introduction – Ash Maurya the Author of Running Lean – continues bringing valuable insights via his blog and The Physics of Customer Acquisition is not exception. “The first battle isn’t fought on the ground but in the mind of the customer. It isn’t fought with your built out solution but instead with an offer.”

“Imagine if the entire world was your sales force. Imagine that any time, a potential buyer of your product or services was “in market,” one of your current customers told them about you – in a very positive manner.” Advocates, Referrals, References, Testimonials and now Crowdsourcing lead generation – it’s no secret that this is the most powerful means of growing your customer base.

Customer Experience/Relationships/Success

It’s not just the Customer is the Source of Truth blog post content, it’s the Customer Focus Tool and the accompanying exercise that will do you and your organization good. “But the fact is that customers are the final arbiters: they either buy or use your product or they don’t. Discovering what makes customers truly passionate is the key to moving the needle.

MindTouch has compiled a list of the 2014 Top 50 Most Active Influencers in #CX – Customer Experience. How many do you follow? Time to add to your list!


Super SaaS Fundings of the Week:

Avvo – Online Legal Advice Marketplace – received $38M in Series D funding

Betterment – Online Financial Advisor – received $32M in Series C funding

Act-On – Marketing Automation Provider – received $42M in Venture funding

LearnVest – Dynamic Personal Finance Education – received $28M in Series D funding

Storefront – Making Retail Accessible – received $7.3M in Series A funding


Newest SaaS 2.0 Services:

For this issue, we are going to change gears and bring you the trending and newest SaaS 2.0 companies from Beta List. Here’s whom we’ve discovered:

HireQ – A self-serve platform that instantly connects like-minded job seekers and employers when pre-hire expectations align.

Tiempo – Elegant time tracking that gets your team to enter their time.

ExpenseBot – A new way of managing expense reports without all the effort.

Khorus – A business management system for CEOs to ensure employees are aligned and engaged on corporate goals.

Although most of the companies we highlight are based in North America, this is one cool idea that we just couldn’t help but pointing out:

AgroAgro – an intuitive SaaS solution for agriculture and farmers that allows farmers to manage their farm, track farm activity, schedule operations, and more.

And check out the video interviews too. “When I was 17 or 18, I decided that I knew enough about entrepreneurship and business….” Interview with Steli Efti – co-founder of


The SaaS 2.0 Hot or Not List:

In addition to the value of the Mattermark score, Mattermark is an amazing resource to continually learn about new companies – whether you are looking for a vendor or collecting competitive intelligence – the possibilities are endless. Here are the top B2B SaaS Companies in North America with a score of over 1400:

Conversant Score = 2070

The leader in personalized digital marketing.

Rumble Score = 1570

Upload, share, broadcast and promote your videos around the web.

RapidMiner Score = 1535

Redefining how business analysts use Big Data to predict the future

Chef Score = 1423

Provides IT automation for speed and awesomeness

Trippeo Score = 1404

Innovative and powerful end-to-end travel and expense management app


Crunchinator Crunches: 

We just keep on crunching! This week – top Series A Investors in the Advertising category, including Kontera, Marin Software, RadiumOne and WordWatch:

Draper Fisher Jurveston (DFJ) – 13 investments

SV Angel – 13 investments

Accel Partners – 10 investments

First Round Capital – 9 investments

Redpoint Ventures – 9 investments


An Infographic of Interest:

Speaking of Infographics – check out – an interactive infographic creation app. Now everyone can create these!



Other Good Weekend Reads:

“When you try new things, you make mistakes, and I’ve seen many. Smart companies learn from their own mistakes, but some don’t pay enough attention to other people’s mistakes.” Martin Zwilling covers the 10 Startup Shortcuts That Will Come Back to Haunt You – one read can save you a lot of pain and time.

People are developing amazing things. Sometimes you just need to put the serious stuff aside and have some fun technology. Get a snapshot of your browsing habits with this “Internet- Selfie” tool. How many cat videos did you watch in the last 7 days? Jennifer Miller introduces the latest from Rodolfo in Fast Company.

From the Amity Blog – a two part series on The Four Gears of B2B SaaS – Part 1 and Part 2.


Amity has recently moved their Toronto office into a new great space. We share it with other amazing technology companies:


Tulip Retail



Big Viking Games


And last but not least – Happy Easter!

Want something added to the SaaS 2.0 Tattler – let us know! And let us know your take on the SaaS 2.0 Tattler in general – we’d love your feedback.

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Curated by the team at Amity using the outstanding tools provided by Mattermark, Product Hunt, Crunchbase and Crunchinator. We encourage sharing!

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