SaaS Tattler Issue 3

April 4, 2014 Pam McBride

Top SaaS Insights of the Week:

SaaS Growth

Time to Wow! “Wow! is the moment in a free trial where your buyer suddenly sees the benefit they get from using your product, and says to themselves “Wow! This is great!” And wow is this post by David Skok chock full of insights and content – we especially like the section on using a customer success team to increase trial conversion rates.

Foresight Valuation Group LLC provided an Industry Report entitled ‘Churn is King’: how SaaS business models effect software company valuations. There are some very compelling statements contained within that all SaaS companies should be aware of: “Churn is one of several key performance indicators (KPIs) that are closely monitored by investors, especially in early-stage SaaS ventures, where they serve as a precursor for survival” and “The old valuation adage ‘cash is king’ seems to have been replaced by ‘churn is king’, as these SaaS models are extremely sensitive to the churn rate” are just two of them.

Power Law Distribution, skewed averages and what just might be meaningless. There is whole lot of information to take in from Ravi Parikh in this post. “Many software companies have pricing models that don’t capture the value being created by their product.”

It is hard to believe Joel York was stumped in a board meeting – just goes to show that everything can happen to any of us! It happened 6 years ago and must has changed since then, including “ In 2014, we not only have a much better understanding of the financial levers that drive SaaS business success, we are on the verge of a metrics revolution in the way SaaS businesses are managed.”

It’s post, it’s a website – no wait! It’s a Flipboard! And a SaaS Startup Handbook too! “Great posts on starting a SaaS company and examples from leading companies”. Happy flipping – 4,882 page flips and counting.

Customer Experience/Relationships/Success

“I can say without a doubt that Customer Success must be a fully-integrated, tightly-coupled component of a complete SaaS Business Architecture.” Add this one to your collection, refer to it often – it is the definitive guide to customer success from Lincoln Murphy – you need to bookmark it for heaven’s sake!

And then there were…20?! 20 ways to delight customers as a customer success manager is a really lofty goal, but if there is one CS professional that can think of and communicate 20 it’s Chad Horenfeldt of Influitive. “While I’ve outlined many different approaches to delight customers below, there is one thread that ties them all together: it’s being proactive.”

Related to Products

Laura Klein’s posts are becoming some favorite reads – her direct approach is often a good wake-up call. For the 2nd week in a row she is featured here because of content just like this “All of those incredibly complicated, feature-dense pieces of B2B software that require weeks of training are getting disrupted by things that humans actually understand.”


Super SaaS Fundings of the Week:

SnapLogic – the integration platform that allows companies to connect any number of applications both in the cloud and on premise – received $2M in Venture funding

SoFi – leading peer-to-peer lender focused on transforming financial services currently addressing the flawed student loan market received $80M in Series C funding

Boundary – Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring – received $22M in Series C funding

Wealthfront – the online financial advisor – received $35M in Series C funding


Newest SaaS 2.0 Services:

From Product Hunt – there is some very cool stuff out there and we are just scratching the surface. So visit or subscribe to Product Hunt to get a daily leaderboard of the best new products.

TrustRadius – Product reviews for business software

Get Invited To – The next generation of online ticketing & event registration

Macaw – The code-savvy web design tool

Visually – Marketplace for Infographics and other visual content

Hired – The marketplace where tech companies compete to hire you


The SaaS 2.0 Hot or Not List:

Courtesy of Mattermark, we’ve taken a look at those companies closing in on a Mattermark score of 1000. Those at the top don’t seem to lose their clout from one week to the next, so we’ll shake it up a bit and feature some new ones filtered by SaaS, B2B in the USA:

Lucrazon Score = 999

Lucrazon is an integrated Ecommerce System and Merchant Services Provider whose product enables business owners, service providers and work-from-home individuals to create an online store in minutes.

DataFox Score = 985

DataFox is the best way to learn about, organize, and keep track of information about private companies.

NewsCred Score = 975

NewsCred is the leading content marketing platform. Pairing cutting-edge software with world-class content, NewsCred transforms brands into storytellers.

Sensor Tower Score = 969

Sensor Tower helps mobile companies acquire more users organically.

Tagboard Score = 960

Tagboard is a software platform that uses the hashtag to aggregate social media for end-users, brands, agencies and marketers, displaying content from multiple networks in a comprehensive and engaging visual format.


Crunchinator Crunches:

This week: the Top 5 ‘A’-round investors in the ‘Software’ space

The Crunchinator is good fun! If you haven’t taken it for spin yourself, you really should. Last week we featured the top 5 ‘A’ round investors in the Big Data/Analytics space, this week we’re looking at Software – a much more general, and judging from the numbers, larger category:

SV Angel have done 23 series ‘A’ investments

Accel Partners have done 20 series ‘A’ investments

Benchmark have done 18 series ‘A’ investments

Intel Capital have done 18 series ‘A’ investments

New Enterprise Associates have done 18 series ‘A’ investments


An Infographic of Interest:



We just discovered:

BetalistDiscover tomorrow’s startups, today.


Other Good Weekend Reads:

A little Q&A on early acquisition approaches:

Sometimes things are just worth sharing: My Surreal UberX Experience by Tomasz Tunguz – the heading speaks for itself!

And the latest from the Amity Blog courtesy of our guest contributor, Ed Powers – Loyalty begins with a Value Proposition. Ed Powers is the founder of Service Excellence Partners, helping to increase customer loyalty and business performance in the cloud computing industry.


Want something added to the SaaS 2.0 Tattler – let us know! And let us know your take on the SaaS 2.0 Tattler in general – we’d love your feedback.


Curated by the team at Amity using the outstanding tools provided by Mattermark, Product Hunt, Crunchbase and Crunchinator. We encourage sharing!


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