SaaS Tattler Issue 29

October 3, 2014 Pam McBride

Top SaaS Insights of the Week:

SaaS Growth

This post from Mark Birch contains an exhaustive list of sources, advice and resources to create a lead acquisition program. If you are a startup this is your go-to! “ It is often tempting to grasp at any promising method that comes your way, and I have seen this happen all too often with startup founders. However, the only way you develop a healthy program and thus a healthy pipeline and predictable revenues is to have a sound approach to lead acquisition.”

“You’re only as good as the number of people using and, more importantly, paying for what you built.” As a startup these are the 7 things you should be doing to engineer traction and see big growth. The first thing on the list: Dude, start charging already.

Customer Experience/Relationships/Success

It’s all in the number this week:

In the 4 keys to a corporate culture that drives customer and organizational success, Micah Solomon provides a list of what it takes to create a strong corporate culture. And it’s important to do so because “a customer-centered company culture is overwhelmingly resistant to being knocked off by your competition.  This makes it more powerful than almost any other competitive advantage, which will likely be ripped off–sooner rather than later.”

How do you know if you work with a customer focused CEO? “To be customer focused, a CEO must pay great attention to past, present and future customer behaviours, motivations and aversions.” With these 4 non-negotiable traits of customer focused CEOs you’ll be able to tell if you do or don’t.

“When managers are attentive to the process and consistently orchestrate the following five encounters, they reduce fear and create ideal conditions for relationships to flourish. Customers are more than satisfied; they become loyal, raving fans.” These are the 5 critical moments in the customer experience you need to put into practice.

Super SaaS Fundings:

Looks like CrunchBase was right – September is going out with a bang!

Udacity – Provides online programming and data science classes raised $35M in Series C funding

Qualtrics – Providers of the world’s leading insight platform raised $150M in Series B funding

Invoice2go – Mobile app to help small businesses manage cash flow raised $35M in Series A funding

BetterWorks – Enterprise goals platform for driving operational excellence raised $15.5M in Series A funding

Numerify – Analytic solutions that provide unification among both customers and employees and product and suppliers raised $15M in Series B funding

Newest SaaS Services:

From Product Hunt – a new grid view featuring a collection of creative, silly & beautiful apps for the iPhone. And as a follow-up to the collection of Product Management Tools (as seen in the Tattler) – 10 product experts weigh in on the Product Hunt blog: what makes a great product manager.


Bowstring – Your body of work, visualized

Helome – The marketplace for service providers

Blitzen – Form-based workflow automation

Product Hunt – Start a subscription service in two minutes – Synch e-mail attachments to GDrive, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive

Livecube – The world’s most engaging event app

An Infographic of Interest:


Other Great Weekend Reads:

The Field Guide to Product Management is a collection of insights from some of the best and brightest startup product managers. “Part cat herder, part strategist, and part analyst, if one thing is certain about a Product Manager, it’s that they need to constantly be on their toes and ready to rally a team behind a decision.” There also a list of go-to-tools included with the insights and advice.

This email may be worth millions of dollars in sales – title of post. Enough said. Must read.

“With Yossarian you can increase the diversity and frequency of your Aha! Moments.” Oh really? So can a search engine make you more creative? Rebecca Greenfield at Fast Company tried it and after you read this, we know you will too. Have fun!

And in case you missed it from the Amity blog: The New ABC’s of SaaS

Want something added to the SaaS 2.0 Tattler – let us know! And let us know your take on the SaaS 2.0 Tattler in general – we’d love your feedback.

Curated by the team at Amity using the outstanding tools provided by Product Hunt, BetaList and CrunchBase. We encourage sharing and subscribing!

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