SaaS Tattler Issue 27

September 19, 2014 Pam McBride

Top SaaS Insights of the Week:

SaaS Growth

This is a brand new approach to planning that allows companies to be effective and agile. In this exclusive interview, Dave Brussin “shares this new system, what it’s made possible for Monetate, and how it can fundamentally change the way you run your company for the better — for years to come.” Time to read how annual planning is killing your growth!

In Sales for Startups: Guiding Principles in Hiring Salespeople, Mark Birch discusses how you should go about the process when hiring sales reps. “Why are salespeople tough to evaluate? Because there is a vast gap between the ideal of what makes a great salesperson and what actually comprises the qualities of a top salesperson.”

Customer Experience/Relationships/Success

A key element to customer success is delivering a successful user onboarding experience. There are several approaches and a lot to share so in this issue of the SaaS 2.0 Tattler we decided to make this the focus.

Invaluable Reference #1: User Onboarding – the ultimate source for user onboarding tips, tricks & thoughts with new teardowns every week!

Invaluable Reference #2: 14 Resources for User Onboarding and User Interface Inspiration brought to you by Danny Schreiber at Zapier.

“Getting people to sign up for your software is tough. It requires a lot of time, energy, and money, yet many companies are losing most of those hard-won users immediately after their first-run experience. Don’t let your company be one of them!” Avoid these 5 common user onboarding mistakes.

“If users don’t have a great experience the first time they use your product, it’s likely they won’t stick around for long.” So dig into the User Onboarding Toolbox to get your users to the “Aha” moment.

In this interview with Samuel Hulick from Appcues – if the name is familiar (which it should be) it’s because he is the author of User Onboarding – he shares his thoughts on the best onboarding techniques. “Onboarding is successful when users come back and actively engage with the product.”

Super SaaS Fundings of the Week:

The CrunchBase Venture Program now includes over 1,000 venture firms, incubators and accelerators who have backed 14,000 companies through 21,000 funding rounds totaling $170 billion in investment – wow! Yeah – CrunchBase is also re-introducing Follow now 2.0 to allow users to monitor Organizations.

Keas – Employee engagement and benefits management platform raised $7.4M in Series C funding

MemberSuite – Customizable association management software raised $3.5M in Series A funding

Kinnek – B2B platform for small business procurement raised $10M in Series A funding

LightSpeed – POS solutions for retailers raised $35M in Series B funding

CrowdFlower – Data enrichment platform for data scientists raised $12.5M in Series C funding

Newest SaaS Services:

Congrats Product Hunt – $6M in Series A funding. Product Hunters can now share the product ideas they want to exist in upcoming collections using Idea Hunt. And Product Hunt has also compiled a collection of Tools for Product Managers that successful startups are using.


Scriber – 1-Click Conversions – Make the content & links that you share work for you

oList – Get more done in less time (does this conjure up images of Oprah for anyone else?)

Product Hunt

Blogin – Create and run an internal company blog

Mix – Makes it easy for creators to collaborate

ClinchPad – Close leads faster. Clinch more deals.

An Infographic of Interest:


Other Great Weekend Reads:

In this exclusive interview, UrbanSitter CEO Lynn Perkins shares how the company has approached building trust and how other companies can do the same to grow fast. “As you develop trust, you develop brand equity. That should be your goal.”

“The only constant in startups is change, so be ready at all times for the unexpected. The season is long so don’t get rattled when things don’t go as planned.” Seems there are several things that Fantasy Football teaches us about startup hiring.

In this collection of uncommon points of view on startups, Tomasz Tunguz highlights his three favorite ideas from Peter Thiel’s book version of notes Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future. “Every person curious about or in the world of startups should read it, because it contains so much original thought.” The book was just released on September 16. We’ve picked up our copy have you?

And in case you missed the latest from the Amity blog: An Enlightening Customer Success Meetup with Venk Chandran (lots of juicy stuff in this one!)

Want something added to the SaaS 2.0 Tattler – let us know! And let us know your take on the SaaS 2.0 Tattler in general – we’d love your feedback.

Curated by the team at Amity using the outstanding tools provided by Product Hunt, BetaList and CrunchBase. We encourage sharing and subscribing!

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