SaaS Tattler Issue 24

August 29, 2014 Pam McBride

Top SaaS Insights of the Week:

SaaS Growth

There is no question that reducing SaaS churn is critical for the ongoing financial success of your business. And if you’re like us, we learn better by studying those who’ve come before us and achieved success – so these 9 case studies should help you reduce SaaS churn. “There are many ways to reduce churn (or possibly create negative churn) with an underlying theme of communicating with your customers.”

“Somewhere between prophecy and ignorance there’s a sensible spreadsheet. Here’s how to build it.” There’s nothing more to add to that statement – just read financial planning for SaaS startups.

Customer Experience/Relationships/Success

“There are two types of education for your customers: teach them how to use your product and how to get results.” These are the tools and processes Des Traynor uses to teach Intercom’s customers to achieve success – chalk full of takeaways from Des’ Kit.

And keeping with the toolbox theme – Loyalty 360 provides six research toolsets for building a better customer connection. You’ll soon need a garage for all of these tools! “From what we’ve seen there are four conditions that need to be satisfied to foster a customer experience that is mutually beneficial to the customer and the company.”

When you invest resources in customer-focused initiatives like customer journey mapping, it’s important that you make the most of your efforts – which is why you need to read this post before getting started. “Above all, think of customer journey mapping as a means, not an end. Practice it to determine what, when and how you should communicate with customers to drive satisfaction and engagement.”

Super SaaS Fundings of the Week:

Can Mattermark data uncover the most valuable startups – without getting closely held to revenue data? See how Mattermark incorporates funding and hiring data in Startup Success Indicators: Version 0.1 of the Mattermark 100.

And using CrunchBase, Tomasz Tunguz studied the impact of a startup’s location on its acquisition potential.

Thumbtack – Local services marketplace raised $100M in Series D funding

Xamarin – Mobile software development tool provider raised $54M in Series C funding

DoubleDutch – Mobile event application provider raised $19M in Series D funding

Dynamic Signal – An employee advocacy solution raised $12M in Series C funding

ZipRecruiter – A job posting platform raised $63M in Series A funding

Newest SaaS Services:

We capture only a handful of new SaaS services from BetaList and Product Hunt. Be sure to sign up for notifications from them directly to explore them all!


InvoiceDaddy – We help developers and small business get paid

Playbook HR – Applicant tracking system for independent contractors

Akordis Sales – Selling made simple

Product Hunt

StampReady – Create & send email campaigns simplified

Picdeck – Tweetdeck for Instagram

Conferize – Follow conferences and professional events around the world

BONUS! Traction – A startup guide to getting customers – just letting you know you get the first three chapters free!

An Infographic of Interest:


Other Great Weekend Reads:

“The likelihood of the end technology still being a great fit for the market you decided on at the beginning is rather small.” Is the Lean Canvas the wrong tool for the job? Every individual in your organization will learn something from this post.

When a company files $100M IPO, we better start taking notes – here are 5 marketing lessons from HubSpot. “This is one of the most significant IPOs in the marketing technology world since Marketo went public in 2013, so we’d better pay attention.” Congrats HubSpot – you continue to be an awesome role model.

More on HubSpot: Tomasz Tunguz benchmarks HubSpot’s S-1: How 7 key SaaS metrics stack up.

Is your startup data driven? Jason Thompson, co-founder of 33 Sticks, conducted a brief survey of how startups prioritize and use analytics. Are any of these in your toolbox?

And in case you missed the latest from the Amity blog: Too many clients to count? Time to segment your customers

Want something added to the SaaS 2.0 Tattler – let us know! And let us know your take on the SaaS 2.0 Tattler in general – we’d love your feedback.

Curated by the team at Amity using the outstanding tools provided by Product Hunt, BetaList and CrunchBase. We encourage sharing and subscribing!

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