SaaS Tattler Issue 2

March 28, 2014 Pam McBride

The first issue of the SaaS 2.0 Tattler was well received! There was a lot of social sharing and it was our highest viewed page to-date on the Amity website. There is so much great stuff happening in the world of SaaS, it’s difficult to capture it all but we’re going to give it another college try this week with the 2nd issue of the SaaS 2.0 Tattler and by the 3rd, we hope to have a masthead!

Top 5 SaaS 2.0 Insights of the Week

SaaS Growth

“The most powerfully growing products,” Stan Chudnovsky says, “do three things at once: they make you look smart to the people you invite. They give real value to you when the people you invite join. And they give real value to the people you’ve invited once they sign up.” Chudnovsky is only one of three experts who weighs in on Real Engines of Growth have nothing to do with Growth Hacking.

 Customer Experience/Relationships/Success

I personally found this one of interest because it relates the still exercised 4 P’s of marketing (defined by Neil Borden in the 60’s) to the P’s of the customer-centric customer experience – defining 5 for good measure. “The last P, Paradigm, is especially important. It speaks to making customer-centricity a paramount and lasting focus, of both a functional and an emotional relationship that exists between the enterprise and all of its stakeholders.”

Not only is the title of this section continuing to grow, new job titles are cropping up weekly and each trying to do justice to a critical role in SaaS companies. “So from now on “Customer Support” will always mean “Community Evangelist” in my mind. Many people are starting to call “Customer Support”, “Customer Success.” I just don’t think it goes far enough.”

We spend a lot of time talking to prospects and our customers, but as Laura Klein points out you might not be talking to the most important customer. “You should be talking to people who used your product once and then abandoned it.”

 Sage Advice

It should be no surprise that the vast majority of the companies providing the 50 Takeaways from Silicon Valley Practitioners are SaaS. “”Successful products focus on unparalleled service, releasing early, shipping often, and frequent testing”

 Top 5 SaaS 2.0 Fundings of the Week:

Courtesy of none other than Crunchbase, here are the most recent newly funded SaaS companies:

BlueVine – Recent funding $4M

Noesis Energy – Recent funding $30M

Clio – Recent funding $18M

Hortonworks – Recent funding $100M

Vend – Recent funding $20M

Newest SaaS 2.0 Services:

We use Product Hunt to bring you the Hottest SaaS 2.0 Services (we could do this daily because Product Hunt does – it’s hard to keep up) from this week’s posts:



The SaaS 2.0 Hot or Not List:

To recap: “The Mattermark Score is an average of all weekly momentum scores, which are determined by the growth of 6 signals: web traffic, mobile downloads, inbound links, Twitter followers, Facebook page likes and LinkedIn followers.” Here is the top 5 US based B2B SaaS companies with the highest Mattermark Score – three are repeats from last week, two are new. These companies are obviously doing something right:

Chef (formerly Opscode) Score = 1471

Thumbtack Score = 1326

GreenHouse Score = 1182

Hired Score = 1179

ShareBloc Score = 1173

Additional Weekend Reading

 We received a special update from the folks at UserOnboard announcing a discount on their offering. You can start by downloading the introduction to “the versatile and richly-illustrated PDF” of The Elements of User Onboarding. The sale ends tonight at 8pm Pacific so get on it quickly! I know I’m looking forward to reading it – thanks for the offer Samuel.

Cool Tools

In early December, new Cloudspace Partner Eric Marcoullier realized the need for a service to interactively slice, filter and research Crunchbase data. And viola the Crunchinator came to fruition just 3 short months later. They’ve even provided a video for it.

We took the Crunchinator for a spin and according to Crunchinator the top 5 ‘A’ round investors in the ‘Big Data / Analytics’ space are:

  1. Battery Ventures have done 10 series ‘A’ investments.
  2. Kholsa Ventures have done 9 series ‘A’ investments.
  3. New Enterprise Associates have done 8 series ‘A’ investments.
  4. SV Angels have done 8 series ‘A’ investments.
  5. First Round Capital have done 7 series ‘A’ investment.


And in case you missed it, the latest post from our own Amity blog.

Want something added to the SaaS 2.0 Tattler – let us know! And let us know your take on the SaaS 2.0 Tattler in general – we’d love your feedback.

Curated by the team at Amity using the outstanding tools provided by Mattermark, Product Hunt and Crunchbase. We encourage sharing!

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