SaaS Tattler Issue 11

May 30, 2014 Pam McBride

Top SaaS Insights of the Week:

SaaS Growth

Do you know how many ingredients are in a successful SaaS company? Sixteen – and among them are Customer Acquisition and SaaS Integration. “So the important point is the SaaS offering must provide easy self-serviceable model where customers come on-board themselves like 1-2-3 steps.”

Inbound or Outbound Sales? – The Answer is Yes. None other than sage advice from Jason Lemkin: “And the higher you sell up in an organization, the less free trialin’ is going.”

“I’m a perpetual freeloader. Like a houseguest who has overstayed his welcome with hundreds of people, I depend upon the generosity of strangers – in particular, software teams.” Are you a freeloader too? Find out in Confessions of a Freeloader by Tomasz Tunguz.

Customer Experience/Relationships/Success

Snowden Burgess summarizes the negative effect of fire fighting cultures in organizations – a great read with some notable quotables. “Ultimately customers only get the attention they need when they dial 999/911, and only for as long as they keep the fires burning!”

There was a plethora of takeaway from the 2014 Gartner Customer 360 Summit. For those of us not fortunate enough to attend, Tricia Morris has boiled them down to the 10 Top Customer Experience Takeaways. “In real organizations, leadership communicates and lives the values of the customer; in poser organizations, there is a sign in the lobby, but nothing behind the words.”


Super SaaS Fundings of the Week:

Crunchbase is a daily dose of good news – someone got funding!

Aver Informatics – Easy-to-use data management tools to improve operational efficiencies in the healthcare industry – raised $8.5M in Series A funding

Farmeron – Web-based dairy and cattle farm business management software that allows farmers to update and manage their data online – raised $2.6M in Seed funding

Apixio – Actionable insights for optimal assessment, population management and revenue in order to improve healthcare – raised $14M in Series C funding

Acquia – raised $50M in Series F funding

Raising IT – SaaS provider of white-label tools to nonprofits – raised $2.7M in Seed funding

Newest SaaS Services:

In addition to our ProductHunt and BetaList highlights – courtesy of mobilized, we thought we would share their detailed post of SaaS Services compiled in 12 awesome marketing tools you’ve never heard of


Involvio – Increase student engagement on your campus

Tropical – Smart segmentation that lets you send more personal emails

Shippo – Shipping made simple


Pushconvert – Reach your campaign’s full potential

rippen – Grow your ideas into content worth sharing

Levisto – A content marketing analytics tool

The SaaS Hot or Not List:

Happy 1st Anniversary Mattermark (June 4th, 2014)! In light of celebrating the early-stages of growth, take a look at some of the Pre Series A B2B SaaS companies with some impressive scores:

Javelin – Lean startup software for enterprise product teams to launch new products and improve existing ones Score = 1371

Muut – A powerful discussion forum Score = 1188 – Professional task management software Score = 1164

Tailwind – A Pinterest analytics and marketing platform Score = 1037

Sensor Tower – User acquisition and app intelligence for mobile marketers Score = 928


An Infographic of Interest:

There is also a great post that accommodates this cool infographic



Other Great Weekend Reads:

This is Round 2 from Kris Gale, VP Engineering at Yammer (Round 1 is also worth a read) – a new piece on how features can create complexity cost in an engineering organization. “I believe good engineering is about finding the most cost-effective solution to a problem, whether that cost is measured in dollars, hours, morale or lost opportunities.”

“Designing a user experience for many millions of people is a unique job that a relatively small number of people practice.” That’s why everyone starts with simplicity but then what? Find out in this excellent post by Steven Sinofsky.

Design is as important as technology – find out what CEOs should now about design because “We’ve reached a stage where technology is now good enough.”

From the Amity Blog:

Are staffing your CSM team? Then this is a very beneficial read: How to Build a Team of Customer Success Heroes

Want something added to the SaaS 2.0 Tattler – let us know! And let us know your take on the SaaS 2.0 Tattler in general – we’d love your feedback.

Curated by the team at Amity using the outstanding tools provided by Mattermark, Product Hunt, BetaList and Crunchbase. We encourage sharing!

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