Quarterly Business Reviews: Nightmares Edition

October 30, 2017 Mathilde Augustin


A QBR is a formal meeting during which CSMs and Customers review goals, formulate a forward plan, and agree on action items that will drive success. For more insights around Quarterly (aka Executive) Business Review mistakes and how to avoid them, read our full expert roundup. Let's take a look at the most common and horrific mistakes we're guilty of...

One-Way Conversations

You forget to ask open-ended questions & spend the whole meeting presenting metrics & product roadmaps.

Wrong Crowd

Your main contact knows the drill. Demonstrate your value to the right stakeholders = Directors, and VPs.


Expect off-agenda questions but good luck getting execs in the room next quarter if you go down that road.

What Problems? (= Willful Ignorance)

Being scared to uncover problems during a QBR keeps the conversation superficial and limits you.

Failed Follow-Ups 

Post-QBR actions are more important than the meeting itself. Engage with customers regularly to enact change. 

Last-Minute Prep

QBRs are not isolated events happening in a vacuum. Plan your QBRs well ahead of time.

Skipping QBRs Altogether 

You’re already failing your customers if you think QBRs aren’t critical to Customer Success and can be skipped. The greatest mistake of all is ignoring this key relationship-building ritual. Don’t do it.

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