Product Update: New Apps for Portfolio and Lifecycle Management

April 1, 2014 John Kennedy

Product Update

Amity is introducing new capabilities to help our customers better manage accounts and contacts through the entire SaaS customer lifecycle.  The new Portfolio App and Lifecycle App extend our existing suite of applications.

 The Portfolio App

Having a complete picture of every customer is integral to establishing trusted long-term relationships. We call this in-depth knowledge CustomerIQ. To provide an accurate and up-to-date CustomerIQ, we developed the Portfolio App.

By keeping a single shared customer profile company-wide, everyone within your organization can be confident that they are looking at the same up-to-date information.  This way, you are never “flying blind” when you engage one of your customers.

 Product Update

Amity has always provided account and contact profiles.  With the Portfolio App, we have made  them even more comprehensive and accessible. Now you can access a profile anywhere within Amity with a single click.

Product Update

In addition to account information, you can see details about alerts, usage activity, tasks, supports tickets, discussion forum topics, subscriptions and billing information.

Amity’s Portfolio App lets you approach account and contact management in a few ways.  You can create and manage accounts, contacts, and subscriptions directly in the Portfolio App –  eliminating the need for another CRM system.  Alternatively, Amity integrates with other systems (such as

The Lifecycle App

With the adoption of freemium and free trial to business models, the modern SaaS customer lifecycle has introduced even more touch points for companies to influence customer outcomes.

To manage outcomes at all 3 stages – acquisition, retention and growth – you need more than just a shared universal view of each prospect and customer.   You need workflow management to provide a consistent customer experience and reinforce your policies and strategies.

Amity’s Lifecycle App uses a familiar, visual interface to track the progress of prospects and customers through various stages.  When accounts are added to a stage, you can automatically assign tasks to team members that appear in their Plan App and the team’s shared newsfeed.

 Product Update

The Lab

The Amity Lab enables us to quickly introduce features, gather feedback, and iterate.  The Portfolio App was the first application we introduced through The Lab. Customers continue to submit requests that are candidates for The Lab – it’s a great way to work collaboratively and fits perfectly into our agile development process.


If you are interested in giving our new apps a spin, please contact us at or sign-up for a 30-day Free Trial.

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