Product Update: Meet the New Rules and Views

August 7, 2014 John Kennedy

With a focus on providing SaaS companies with a comprehensive understanding of their customer and portfolio health, improving workflows and automation, Amity is introducing the Portfolio Health Report and enhancements to our Settings app and Portfolio app.

The Settings App – You define the rules and views!

Amity continues to improve the capabilities of rules to make automating, streamlining and scaling your customer success processes effortless. In the Settings app, rules can now be triggered to execute whenever an event occurs and/or insights are calculated. When a rule is executed it can now perform multiple actions. That means you can specify almost anything your business process dictates. For example, a new account can automatically be added to an on-boarding workflow in the Lifecycle app and based on existing functionality, in turn automatically create new tasks for the assigned account owner in the Plan app.

With Amity’s Relationship Insight Engine it’s possible to detect that a customer hasn’t been engaged within a specified time, and establish a rule to alert the account owner and add the account to an outreach workflow. Configurable rules and automation allow you to introduce consistency across clients and account owners and scale your team and their book of business.

Rules and Views


Your Portfolio – Your Way!

Amity is introducing Views, a way to organize accounts into lists based on criteria you specify. Creating, editing and deleting your own views are a snap with the view designer conveniently located on the account summary table in the Portfolio app. Views can be kept private or shared with all users. To get you started, Amity provides a number of pre-defined “Quick Views” for all users.

Rules and Views


Your Vital Statistics – In the Reports app and the Portfolio app

There is a new Portfolio Health Report in the Reports app. This report contains the vital information to help you demonstrate the financial impact of your customer success initiatives while enabling you to have a complete picture on the overall health of your entire portfolio or of individual team members. From MRR by health, upcoming renewals and health history you can tell at a glance how well your success strategies are working. The relationship health score is calculated using the Amity Relationship Insight Engine™ which combines comprehensive business and outcome data with customer usage.

Rules and Views


And since customer and relationship health is at the crux of customer success, we’ve also enhanced the Portfolio app by adding a summary of account MRR or ACV organized by health score to the account summary dashboard and the Relationship Insight Engine now calculates a new score automatically on the health summary dashboard whenever an account is updated and calculates all scores 4 times a day.

Other exciting new stuff:

In the Portfolio app:

  • Account insights appear in the account summary table
  • The Snapshot panel on the account profile has been expanded to include the next renewal date, the dates of last activity and engagement
  • A Snapshot panel has been added to the contact profile to display the dates of last activity and engagement

In the Plan app:

  • The task search box now searches both the task title and account name

Interested in seeing these new features in action? Contact us at or schedule a demo today!

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