Powered by its Relationship Insight Engine, the Enhanced Intelligent Workflow Automation Features in Amity Deliver Scalable Engagement for C

October 28, 2014 Paul Philp

From its inception, Amity founders viewed customer success as a means of developing genuine and effective relationships with customers and not simply another analytics opportunity. Numbers don’t maximize the lifetime relationship of a customer, people do. Dashboards don’t help you engage, they let you score engagement based on where you’ve been with no indication of where you need to go next. A customer needs to understand your commitment to their needs, level of competence and ability to deliver what they are looking for. And a customer success manager needs the know-how to engage at the right time in the right context. Personally engaging users on a large scale is the biggest challenge facing SaaS companies right now. The guiding principle driving the development of Amity is to deliver scalable engagement for customer success.

Companies such as Nulogy, Trainerize, and Traackr have empowered their customer success teams to deliver continuous customer value in a repeatable, streamlined and scalable manner, and equipped SaaS executives with information critical for predictable growth. Our enhanced customer-driven workflow capabilities include more rule actions and workflow timeframes to support even the most comprehensive low and high-touch customer success strategies. To further simplify the day-to-day workflow for customer success managers, we have also integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

The Playbook app – Tracking Customer Progress

Your customer success playbook is easily customizable in the new Playbook app. Amity already provided a robust set of rules and actions to support automated workflows but now we’ve added more rule action options and the ability to impose a timeframe of how long a customer should remain in specific stage within any of your workflows.

Additions to the rule actions allow you to modify account tags, add tasks,  send emails, and change account attributes.

Customer Success

As you identify your workflows and define the stages in each, it’s important that your customers progress through your onboarding stage, for example, at a pace that ensures quick time-to-value. So how long should a customer remain in a given stage? And do you know how long they’ve been in a particular stage? Now you can set a timeframe in hours against each stage.

Customer Success

Amity provides clear visual feedback in the Lifecycle app – a yellow card indicates that the customer should complete that particular stage today and a red card indicates that they have been in the stage longer than the anticipated timeframe. With visual indicators, customer success personnel can quickly assess the customer’s progress and proactively reach out to assist them.

Customer Success

Your View of the World

In a previous product update we introduced you not only to our new rules but also new views. Based on the positive feedback, the same View Designer from the Portfolio app is now available for the Radar, Plan and Lifecycle apps.

More Integral Integrations

Salesforce Two-Way Integration

Now, along with customer success teams and executives, sales representatives can benefit from the rich insights in Amity with the two-way Salesforce integration. Today any modifications to your accounts and people in Amity will be reflected in the corresponding fields in Salesforce. This makes the full power of the Amity Relationship Insight Engine available to your entire organization.

Desk.com Integration

Amity customers using Desk.com can now instantly see their customer’s cases in Amity’s comprehensive account and people profiles.

Getting you Linked in to More Customer Information

The comprehensive account profile is now even more comprehensive in the Amity Portfolio app. Links to all pertinent information about an account – documents, folders and online properties – are centralized in the Links section of each account profile. Amity provides a number of link types to help you stay organized.

Customer Success

Other Exciting New Stuff:

  • When you hover your mouse over the name of an account, person, journey or task, a pop-up info card will provide all the necessary details at a glance
  • Completed tasks are automatically archived. An archived view of all tasks is accessible from the Plan app
  • A new attribute – stage – has been added to Amity accounts.  Like all Amity account attributes, you can customize the values, adjust with rules, and filter using views

Interested in seeing these new features in action? Contact us at sales@getamity.com or schedule a personalized demo today!

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