On Valentine’s Day, spread a little love to your customers

February 13, 2014 Pam McBride


It’s that time of year again – when hearts are aflutter, your local florist has a banner day and somewhere a marriage proposal is likely going to take place.  However, this Valentine’s Day, along with showing your affection for a loved one, share some of that love with your customers.

As the most important asset to your business, customers tend to share a lot of love with your company every time you engage with them. They describe their journey through multiple conversations and provide invaluable feedback on your product, so as it gets better they experience more productive and valuable outcomes and your product becomes indispensible. The feedback in turn helps your product become even better and more attractive: to your other existing customers to mitigate churn, and to new customers to grow your business.

If you are fortunate they advocate on your behalf – providing referrals and recommendations, and sharing the value they experience with others in social networks. And, let’s not forget – they pay their bills too!

So why not reciprocate that love by picking up the phone to call to just see how the day is going. Send them a thank-you email for being a valuable and respected customer. Or better yet, if you have an exciting offer brewing reward them for their loyalty.

It isn’t recommended that you wait until February 14th rolls around every year to reach out to your customers. Of course you should be doing this more frequently and regularly. But Valentine’s Day is as good a reason as any to show them the love.

What are you planning?

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