On Getting a Gym Membership: Coaching Product Adoption

February 1, 2017 Mathilde Augustin

On Getting a Gym Membership: Coaching Product AdoptionA successful product adoption means successful customers, good relationships, increased chances for expansion down the road, and of course, lower risks of churn. A great start to a new relationship is the best way to make things work with your customer.

That’s why Customer Success Managers spend so much time in adoption. But let’s be clear, effective product adoption does not mean teaching your customer how to use the product. That’s part of it, but there’s much more.

How many times have you gone to bed thinking “that’s it, tomorrow, I’ll start working out”? Let’s look at that process a bit more closely: first things first, you get your gym membership. You tap yourself on the back and get excited about all the new fancy machines that you’ll start using, and how they’ll solve all of your problems.

The thing is, on your first day at the gym, a trainer showed you how to use the machines - which buttons to push, which weights to use for which muscles. But what did it all mean? You don’t really have your eyes on the prize, you don’t have a success plan, and no clear KPIs to track. Sure, days go by and you’re “more” active than before, but it wasn’t that hard, was it? Success is forward looking, it’s data-oriented, and that’s why it’s achievable.

3 months later, you’re still getting less and less value out of your membership. You even ordered a yoga mat and a couple of weights from Amazon, for those rainy days when you just want a light workout. Since you’re just going to the gym once a week now, is it even worth paying that expensive membership? And finally…. You churn.

The issue was, just knowing the machines and how they work didn’t help you articulate your goals, and it didn’t help you achieve long-term success. With a coaching mentality: check-ups, progress tracking, or goal evaluation, the gym could have baked its service into your routine and demonstrated its value to finally become irreplaceable.

And this is exactly what we mean when we say Customer Success Managers are coaches. They help you articulate your goals, explain how to get there using their product, they give you some technical advice but also share their expert opinion. They check in, and once you reach success, they can help you articulate new goals and take your business success a step further.

By working with your customer from day one and developing new capabilities with them, you’ll become an essential part of their processes, one which they can’t imagine walking away from.

Time to eat pizza!


Your product may very well have the best features anyone’s ever seen, but simply showing them off to your customers won’t lead them to success. By actively coaching your customers to help them leverage those powerful features, you’ll ensure they effectively adopt your product and go on to becoming a successful customer.

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Mathilde Augustin

Mathilde is the Manager of Digital Marketing at Amity. After moving from France to complete a degree in Political Science from McGill University, she made her way to Toronto in order to pursue her passion for Marketing and Tech.

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