Meetup Success for Developing a Customer-Centric Organization

December 18, 2013 John Kennedy

Customer Success Meetup

Even a cold, snowy winter night could not keep the crowd away!

Last night, the heroes of the Customer Success Meetup met for their second event.

The buzz from the first meetup had definitely circulated.  Over the past few months, the group membership swelled to 80 members.  The room was flush with both “regulars” and new faces.

From the enthusiastic discussion, we continue to hear that – despite best intentions – customer success is still very much in its infancy.  Executives and their teams still struggle to determine the organization structure and delivery processes.

The evening’s guest speaker, Kia Puhm, VP of Customer Experience at Oracle, has extensive experience fostering and evolving Eloqua’s customer experience department.  She outlined key aspects of Eloqua’s Ideal Customer Experience (ICE) program, “customer bill of rights” and Customer-Centric Organization.

Kia’s presentation was jam-packed with insights and learnings.  Here are 3 key points:

  1. Share the Pain – Involve executives from other departments regularly – especially sales, engineering, cloud operations, and product management.   Once they exposed to the conversations and understand the customer pain, will rally to find solutions.  Tip: Institute a daily 10-15 minute “stand-up” meeting with executives from each department.  At this meeting, review the high risk customers.

  2. One Throat to Choke – Clearly identify roles and responsibilities of all customer-facing teams to ensure a consistent experience for the customer.

  1. Right Size – In order to deliver an ideal customer experience, you have to analyze your customer base using criteria such as account size, value, and, in the case of Eloqua, the maturity of the marketing organization.  The output of analysis allows you to establish the appropriate level of customer engagement and helps you plan for staffing needs.

Tell us what your key take-away was from Kia’s presentation?

 On behalf of the Customer Success meetup, I’d like to thank Kia for her valuable and thought-provoking presentation.

Are you a Customer Success Hero? Join the meetup group today!

The next event will be held on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.  You can register here.

PS. If you are interested in a career in Customer Success?  The following companies announced that their teams are growing:

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