Let Your Emails Be Heard!

October 12, 2016 Mathilde Augustin

SaaS Tattler 94 - Let Your Emails Be HeardSaas Tattler Issue 94 - Let Your Emails Be Heard!

196.3 billion emails sent each day in the world, and almost 109 billion of those are business emails.1 That's a lot of emails, the question is, do you stand out and is your voice being heard? When you email your customer, does your missive get lost, does it pile up on top of many other unwanted, easily dismissed notes from co-workers, partners, and customers? We've dedicated this week's tattler to emailing -- and how we can all get (even) better at it!

How to Force an Email Response From Someone Who is Ignoring You

No one likes being ignored... it's not even about "liking" it or not, it's just that you sometimes need an answer in order to move forward on a project. There are time constraints, and those are not the same on all sides of a relationship. In this article, Colin Toh lets you in on a secret: getting answers by asking a "No"-oriented question. 

A "No"-oriented question might sound rude to you but it's actually not. You will come off as direct and forthcoming. You know what is rude? Ignoring emails is rude.

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How to Send SaaS Onboarding Emails Without Being a Nag

You know when your parents told you to do your homework over and over again? Of course, that was in your best interest (thanks mom <3), but it still caused you a lot of eye-rolling. When emailing your customers, make sure you don't sound like you're nagging them. In this article, Nora Landis-Shack gives concrete strategies to make sure your emails deliver value and never sound irritating. 

Even if the email is triggered by someone's inactivity (...) you want to deliver value and education to help them make informed decisions.

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The 9 Elements of a Successful Welcome Email

First impressions are everything. Find out if you are one of the many companies missing a golden opportunity by not saying the right thing in their welcome email, and if that's the case, fix it! In this blog post, Kate Harvey put together a list of what makes a welcome email successful, with examples, and statistics (we love statistics). 

If your welcome email is basically a signup receipt, you're doing it wrong.

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15 Trick to Appear Smart in Emails

Finally, here's a fun read from Sarah Cooper who's put together 15 things to make you appear "smart, passionate, dedicated and most of all, smart" because "your email writing, sending and ignoring skills are just as important as your nodding skills, and even more important than your copying and pasting skills" - and we can't even disagree with her!

Best of Customer Success Today:

Both of these metrics [Customer Churn and Revenue Churn] look at different aspects of your company's health, and in terms of deciding which is "best", or which takes precedence, the simple answer is neither. To get a balanced view of your growth, you need to analyse both of these metrics on a regular basis, for two simple reasons: Retention matters, Upselling matters. Customer Churn vs. Revenue Churn: What's The Difference?

Product Managers need to evolve beyond an understanding of product to an appreciation of what creates a great service and align themselves with the Growth Hacker’s counterpart post-conversion: The Customer Success Manager. The Service Layer: What Product Managers Need to Know About Customer Success.

Don’t take “I don’t know” for an answer. When it comes to your first clients, you need to do whatever it takes to get your accounts live. If you know something is crucial to the success of your client, keep pushing for an answer! 6 Ways to ROCK at Being The First Customer Success Hire at Your Startup

1 Radicati, Sara, PhD, ed. Radicati. Rep. The Radicati Group, Inc., 2014. Web. 27 Sept. 2016. online.

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