Instantly transform your SaaS company into a data-driven enterprise – using Google’s BigQuery service to provide your data your way

November 19, 2014 Paul Philp

A SaaS CEO walks into a meeting room and asks “How many customers with contract renewals in December have submitted more than 15 support tickets in the past three months and are getting less value than they expected?” Stop me if you’ve heard this one….

It’s imperative for SaaS companies to perform deep analysis and answer complex questions about its customers and how it contributes to the success of their business. After all, data-driven decisions will impact conversion, adoption, retention, renewals and growth of their SaaS offering. Which is why Amity is launching a Beta Program of Amity Insights for its customers. Amity Insights closes the loop by enabling reporting and analysis capabilities for:

  • Financial Performance Management
  • Customer Economics
  • Customer Scorecards
  • Churn, Adoption and Uplift Analysis
  • Pattern Mapping for Identifying Churn
  • Analytics for:
    • Workflow
    • Customer Journey
    • Team Effectiveness
    • Subscription Performance

With its unique open architecture, Amity can and does integrate with any platform to capture data – from the top of the funnel to the bottom, and everything in between. This provides the richest pool of information to identify key customer insights that pertain directly to your SaaS business. And as a customer success software solution, Amity’s data model unifies all relevant  information for CSMs, their leaders and executive management. That includes data from siloed systems – like billing, support tickets, and email and those native to Amity – like tasks, engagements, workflows and product usage.  An open architecture and unified data means increased insight with Amity.

But we also understand the need to analyze your customer data your way in a simple and cost-effective manner. Which is why we have built the Beta version of Amity Insights. Amity Insights provides multiple ways to access your data, including:

  • Direct access to your customer data in an SQL-like database, powered by Google BigQuery
  • Integration with spreadsheets like Excel and Google Sheets
  • Integration with cloud-based BI platforms like Tableau,, Looker
  • Custom analytics, dashboards and reports

Having SQL-like access provides new opportunities for Amity customers. If slicing and dicing data isn’t your style, we can leverage it to build custom reports and make them accessible to you in Amity.

transform your SaaS company


If you’re big on BI – you can use your favorite Business Intelligence tool to create powerful dashboards and reports with your bounty of customer data.

Amity Insights is like a comprehensive data warehouse for your customer information without the investment that only large enterprise corporations can afford. Unifying relevant customer data in Amity empowers customer success teams to deliver continuous customer value and maximize recurring revenue streams. Amity Insights empowers anyone in the organization to readily answer the most detailed of customer related questions.

The Answer: 5

The Impact: A CEO who can make a data-driven decision

Interested in learning more about Amity Insights or to sign up for the Beta Program, contact us.

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