[Infographic] Signs You've Entered The Retention + Growth Phase

June 4, 2018 Asra Sarfraz

[Infographic] Tell-Tale Signs of Customer Maturity

As we build SaaS businesses, we focus heavily on making a worthwhile product, developing the market, and securing early adopters through sales development. It's no wonder that these primary goals eat up a lot of energy and resources. 

But as you transition from new customer acquisition phase to revenue (MRR) protection and revenue growth, priorities also need to shift. But often, we enter the customer maturity phase without even realizing it. 

Here are some signs that your SaaS company has entered the customer phase, and that you need to make changes to the way you operate. 

Tell-Tale Signs You've Entered the Customer Maturity Phase


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Asra Sarfraz

Asra Sarfraz is currently the Digital Marketing Intern at Amity. When she is not consuming barrels of coffee, she is busy photographing and designing new projects.

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