Identifying Red Flags in Customer Success

June 8, 2016 Trisha Armeña

SaaS Tattler Issue 85: Identifying the Red Flags in Customer Success

Churn. There are over a million words in the English dictionary, and yet it’s every SaaS professional’s least favorite one. Sometimes it can be unexpected, but it’s easy to overlook some of the customer’s warning signs when you’re more focused on the big picture … until suddenly, you’re completely blindsided while the customer has already taken an exit. So what do you do about it? What kind of signs should you be looking out for? This week, we’ve dedicated the SaaS Tattler to identifying red flags in Customer Success.

Save My Seat

Monitor These Signals to Prevent Customer Churn

One of the most important ways to keep your customers happy is to figure out what’s bogging them down. By identifying and preventing problems — and being transparent about your process — you’ll create stronger relationships and prevent churn before it has a chance to happen. In order to steer your customer relationships in the right direction, Ritika Puri classifies which 3 warning signs to monitor,

“Beyond being just buyers of your products, your customers are human beings first.”

How to Recognize the Warnings Signs

Once a customer begins to stray from your service, it becomes increasingly difficult as time passes to convince them to stay. It’s also more costly to recruit a new customer than it is to maintain an existing one. In this article, Boaz Amidor explains how to recognize when you’re in trouble.

“We always have 20-20 vision in retrospect. Wouldn’t you want to have it in real time?”

Recognizing Red Flags When Dealing with a Customer

In contrast, this article sheds light on why it is important to decide where to draw the line with customers. At the end of day, some relationships aren’t meant to work out. Here, Brittney Lightfoot provides further insight to the signs or red flags that will appear at some point during your interactions with clients. Some of them are apparent from the start, while others may be triggered later on.  

“Don’t be afraid to voice that their lack of communication is troubling.”

The Best of Customer Success Today

Every SaaS company has a make or break moment. And it’s called customer onboarding. If you want your SaaS to maximize its growth, focus on spotting issues in your onboarding process. 7 Strategies to Revamp Customer Onboarding

Sometimes, you just need a good excuse to reach out to your customers. Here are a few ideas. 15 Excuses to Re-Engage with Your Customers 

For too many, there are gaps in their approach to Customer Success that have been keeping them (even those with established Customer Success teams) from being truly transformational in how they engage their customers. The good news is, for every gap, there’s also a fix. How to fix your failing Customer Success team.

Top SaaS Fundings This Week
(Source: CrunchBase)

  1. Spredfast - Received $50M in Series F Funding
    • Mass Relevance develops and offers cloud-based software for media and entertainment sectors.
  2. Tubular Labs - Received $10M in Series D Funding
    • Tubular is the actionable video intelligence platform. We empower creators, media companies and brands to build larger, engaged audiences
  3. Nudge Software Inc - Received $5M in Seed Funding
    • Nudge is a cloud-based social sales platform that enables its users to improve business relationships.

Top 5 SaaS Companies With The Highest Weekly Momentum Score
(Source: Mattermark)

  1. - (Score = 2658)
    • Unroll.Me is an email subscription management service helping users manage their junk email and subscriptions.
  2. Constant Contact - (Score = 2622)
    • Constant Contact provides email, social media and event marketing tools to help small businesses grow their customer base.
  3. Smartsheet - (Score = 2479)
    • Smartsheet is an online project management and collaboration tool with a spreadsheet-like interface and file sharing features.
  4. ChatFuel - (Score = 2207)
    • ChatFuel allows businesses to create chatbots to engage with their audience on messengers.
  5. Toodledo - (Score = 2166)
    • Toodledo is a task list application that shows current to-do items from an online collaboration and project management tool.

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