How, Why and When Should You Say "Thank You" To Your Customer?

November 23, 2016 Mathilde Augustin

Showing Gratitude in Customer SuccessSaaS Tattler Issue 97 - How, Why, and When Should You Say "Thank You" To Your Customer?

One of the many roles and responsibilities of Customer Success is to build trusting relationships with customers. A simple step can help you get started: showing gratitude. Yes, this week is Thanksgiving, yet, Amity lives in Canada, so we’re not even celebrating this weekend. Take this as a proof that gratitude isn’t a one-day-a-year type of thing… it’s an all day, everyday thing.

Why Gratitude Is Important in Customer Success

Why, exactly, does gratitude matter? Think about the way a bank account works: you make deposits, save and withdraw money. An emotional bank account works the same way, but trust is the currency, and gratitude is part of the deposits you make to build your riches. When building strong relationships with your customers, showing your gratitude is one of the most important things you can do.

So if the customer scratches your back and puts themselves out there for you, never forget to show gratitude.

Saying "Thanks" in Customer Success

Thanking customers is an important part of the customer’s emotional journey. The language you use when talking to your customers is your best ally when showing authentic appreciation. If you want to do more than a simple “thank you”, take a look at these ideas from Adam Toporek.

Over time, customers can sense when expressions of gratitude aren’t sincere. 

Saying "Thanks" in Customer Sucess

Saying “thanks” is nice, but words don’t carry the gravity of actions. There are many personal, memorable and fun ways to show your gratitude and build strong relationships with your customers. Here are 25 examples of things you can do to say “thank you” with your actions.

Every attempt at giving thanks must be relevant and personalized, noticeable and sincere. 

Saying "Thanks" In Customer Success

The Best of Customer Success Today:

Of the four types of customer journey maps, the current-state map is the most ubiquitous. That’s not surprising, given how many organizations are trying to understand their customers’ current pain points and improve the customer experience. 10 Steps to Mapping Your Current Customer Journey

Determining an account coverage model that is right for the business requires the business to understand its key adoption drivers. With the adoption drivers understood, an organization has clarity around what the customer needs in order to be successful. Customer Success and Compensation

Clearly there’s a correlation between SaaS & CS - Every time you see a SaaS company, you will see a CS function. The question is what is the causal relationship for CS? SaaS & Customer Success - Correlation vs. Causality

Top 5 SaaS Companies With The Highest Weekly Momentum Score
(Source: Mattermark)

  1.  Google - (Score = 3760)
  2.  Constant Contact  - (Score = 2688)
  3. MailChimp  - (Score = 2285)
  4.  - (Score = 2221)
  5. Viber  - (Score = 2215)

P.S. Thank you! 


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