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October 10, 2018 Gabriella Sutarno

Let me start by saying that we love a great guest post! Sharing the ideas of other Customer Success Professionals can help give our community a whole new perspective on the Customer Success world!

We are looking for original articles that offer best practices, guides, and tips on the topic of Customer Success.  You can write about strategy, processes, data, people or anything you think would add value to the field of Customer Success. 

We have an active list of over 17,000 Customer Success Professionals, so we have high standards for our contributors.

Customer Success Topics We Cover

  • Strategy

  • Financial

  • Best Practices & Processes

  • Data

  • People

  • General trends

  • How-to Examples and Case Studies

  • Lessons Learned

Submission Guidelines

We are looking for posts that offer actionable takeaways to our readers. We would like to avoid posts that are for self-promotion. Your post should be inspiring. We want our readers to become excited about applying the tips they’ve learned to their business. As an Author, you keep full credit for your work.

How To Submit A Guest Post

Don’t worry, you don’t have to write your guest post in its entirety before you submit it to us. Just start by sending us an email!

About the Author

Gabriella Sutarno

Gabriella is a Technical Writer at Amity. When she isn't keeping herself busy with a new art project or the latest Netflix series, you can find her coming up with new creative ideas for her future best seller.

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