Feature Spotlight: Rules to Succeed By

December 5, 2014 John Kennedy

Happy Friday!

Did you miss us last week? We were just too full of turkey and stuffing to do our feature spotlight and we thought you might be too full to read it! We hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving if you were celebrating it.

This week’s feature spotlight focuses on Rules. Rules are a set of actions that triggered when an event occurs and/or Insights are calculated. When a rule is executed it can perform multiple actions. That means you can specify almost anything your business process dictates. In this

We are going to demonstrate a popular rule – sending an email to a Customer Success Manager when a support ticket is opened by one of their customers. To make is more interesting we’ve also added a qualifier to send the email only if the customer is in the Onboarding stage.

Feature Spotlight

  1. Click on the Settings app icon.
  2. Click on the Rules in the sidebar menu.
  3. Click the Add Rule button.
  4. In the General Information section of the Rule Editor screen, type “New support ticket” in the Name field.
  5. In the Trigger section, click the checkbox and select the “New ticket created” trigger.
  6. In the Account Qualifiers section, select the “Stage” field, the “equal to” operator, and the “Onboarding” value.
  7. In the Actions section, select “Send an email”.  Set the Recipient to “(Account assignee)”, Subject to “New ticket” and Message to “A new support ticket was opened”.
  8. Click Save.

The next time a support ticket is opened by a customer in the onboarding stage the assigned Customer Success Manager will receive an email like this:

Feature Spotlight

The name of the Account will appear in the email as a link. Clicking on that link will take the user directly to the Account Profile in Amity.

Feature Spotlight

That’s it!

Have a great weekend and see you next week!


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